Jaguar Wright Makes Some Serious Allegations About Music Producer Raphael Saadiq

Raphael Saddiq is the latest celebrity to fall into a scandal. Despite being a relatively lowkey star, Saddiq was on the receiving end of a Jaguar Wright rant where she accused of dating “beards” and trying to court a young man online. Let’s take a look at Raphael’s dating history and what she said about him.

Publicly, Raphel Saddiq has only been linked to one other person. In 2007 he was said to have been dating singer/songwriter Joss Stone. The pair collaborated on her album Introducing Joss Stone. They worked on the project in Barbados and reportedly fell for one another, dating for roughly a year. Since then, he’s been single as far as the public is concerned, vaguely opening up as recently as 2018 about his “ideal” woman. 

When pressed by a pushy interviewer about his romantic life, Raphael had a complicated response. Mostly he pushed back, alluding to her question not being strong enough “You have to figure it out, cuz I didn’t come to you and say ‘What should I write for you?’ You have to work that out, and then it’s gotta hit me from the left side. And when it hits me, then I’ll call you and let you know you did it.” Eventually, he said he wanted someone “cool” who liked television but was not that much smarter than him. 

Raphael has always had flamboyant energy, and paired with his really lowkey dating history, many have assumed he was gay. Some speculated that he had relationship with friend and collaborator D’Angelo, who also fielded rumors early on in his career. Some also felt that Saddiq’s friendship with John Legend seemed suspect a few years back. 

Eagle-eyed fans did a deep dive into his friendship with R&B singer Adrian Marcel and felt like the men were closer than they appeared. Marcel and Saddiq worked on a mixtape with him, and they reportedly connected due to them both being from The Bay Area. One person asked, “how in the hell is Raphael Saadiq almost 50 with no long-term girlfriend or wife to show for? But is everywhere taking pics with cutie Adrian Marcel?” They also pointed out a mixtape cover that featured the two men’s faces overlapping. “Why does Raphael’s face have to be behind Marcel on the mixtape like that?”

Well, maybe fans were on to something because Jaguar Wright recently spilled some info on Saddiq and his preference. While speaking from her car, she says, “If you talking bout Raphael Saddiq, say I hate you because you support Ray. Don’t just get in the chat and say I support a [expletive].” She calls him one of “many in the industry” and then recalls an experience with him.  “Everybody said he was too weird,” she recalled. Jaguar said he got uncomfortable when she made an advance at him and then accused him of courting women known for dating gay men for their public image. 

Jaguar Wright says friend Latoya Gaines called her and asked for help after finding out that Raphael was “grooming” her 12-year-old son on Facebook messenger. She reveals the boy was on the spectrum. She advised her friend not to sue out of fear of mounting legal fees. Check out her full rant above.

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