Jada Pinkett Smith & Tupac Shakur Were Best Friends, But Jaden Smith Claims The Late Rapper Proposed To His Mother

Tupac Shakur continues to live on in the memories and stories of his friends, family, and friends. Jada Pinkett-Smith has done a lot to keep Pac alive through her various interviews. Of all the fun and shocking things she’s revealed about Tupac over the years, there’s one thing she kept to herself. Son Jaden Smith spilled the tea a few weeks ago.

Tupac Shakur Was A Ladies Man

Jada Pinkett-Smith has maintained that she and Tupac’s relationship was always platonic and never crossed over into romantic or sexual. However, he did have several women connected to him. 

Tupac and Janet Jackson’s chemistry on the set of Poetic Justice reportedly had everyone a little concerned. The pop star was married at the time to René Elizondo Jr., who also played an extra on set. Pac admits to being a bit smitten by Jackson, who reportedly changed her number as soon as they wrapped shooting.  Tupac was also connected to Madonna in the early ’90s. Rosie Perez reportedly played matchmaker for the pair after Tupac accompanied her to the Soul Train Awards following her date ghosting her. While there, Perez says that Madonna approached her to see if she and Pac were an item. When Perez revealed they were just friends, Madonna asked her to hook them up, and she did. They secretly dated for several months. 

Pac is also rumored to have dated Yolanda “Yo-Yo” Whitaker, Jasmine Guy, and Kidada Jones. He and Jones were dating the night he was gunned down. Keyshia Cole has told stories about an underage Monica trying to shoot her shot at Pac as well, calling the studio all hours of the night when she thought he was working. 

Tupac and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Friendship

Tupac Shakur and Jada Pinkett-Smith were childhood friends from high school. The pair met in Baltimore and became incredibly close. As their respective careers began to take off, their lives went in different directions, but the love remained.  Jada Pinkett-Smith says that Tupac would send her letters and poetry, and they would visit each other at work on sets. Jada was even in the running to play Poetic Justice at one point. 

She says that her closeness to Pac caused some tension between her and her husband, Will Smith. Will was deeply insecure about their relationship and has admitted that he wishes he had actually formed a friendship with Pac before he passed. Even young Willow Smith chimed in, admitting that she wished she had met Tupac and that she wrote him letters when she was a toddler.  Many feel that Jada is not telling the whole truth and have tried to fact-check her over the years with resurfaced interviews, but she has stuck by her story. 

Jaden Smith Claims Tupac Proposed To His Mother, Jada Pinkett Smith

Despite her insistence that she and Tupac never crossed any romantic or intimate boundaries, Jada’s son Jaden Smith tells a different story. During an interview with radio host Big Boy in the Morning, Jaden spotted a photo of Pac and decided to ramble off a fun fact about the rapper many people did not know. According to Jaden, the photo was taken around the time that Tupac proposed to his mother. Jaden says that Jada turned Tupac down because she did not want to marry her best friend. The clip was resurfaced after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at this year’s Oscar awards. 

While Big Boy believes Jada was silly for not wanting to marry her best friend, he and Jaden both agreed it was probably for the best.

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