J. Prince Send Stern Warning To Rapper Offset Following Passing Of Takeoff

TakeOff’s passing has continued to stay on our minds. In the three months since he left us, people are still trying to piece together what happened and who was behind his passing. Many are pointing at local Texas label Rap A Lot and their Mob Ties gang since it was their party TakeOff and Quavo were attending. CEO J Prince has stepped forward to defend himself and issued a stern warning to Offset.

The Prince family is currently on an interview campaign to clear their names. Due to TakeOff being at one of their functions and the suspect reportedly being connected to Mob Ties, some have been looking for them to take accountability. Behind the scene, J Prince says that Offset has been “throwing stones and hiding his hands.” Prince alludes to Offset connecting Rap A Lot and Mob Ties to the death of his “brother” and warns the Migos rapper that if he has to “defend himself,” it could end up bad for both of them.

“This Offset dude, I ain’t gone leave him out,” he said during a conversation with Million Dollaz Worth of Game. “The truth of the matter is one can dance and different things in front of these different cameras. The truth of the matter is, you wasn’t really right there with TakeOff when he was alive.”

Prince said he has “people everywhere” and “hears all kinds of things,” alluding to Offset possibly placing blame on them in private. He concludes by letting Offset know that any further issues would result in serious consequences.

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