J. Prince Goes Live From His Cell and Responds To Rumors Of Him Being In Fed Custody

J. Prince is back in the news today, and this time, he is talking to fans about “allegedly” being locked up. Prince was rumored to have gotten into some trouble after going back and forth with Offset over TakeOff’s passing. Prince went live from his “cell,” to give everybody an update.

DJ Akademiks shared a post this week with the headline, “Wack100 & sources say J Prince has been arrested by Feds for threatening Offset & remaining Migos are in protective custody.” Offset responded to the post calling the story “cap” in a caption. Wack100 chimed in too, calling the post a “thirst move” before calling out Akademiks for resharing the salacious story. “If you don’t have the content of me saying this, don’t stamp it. But I get it, #clickbait,” he responded. He concluded by saying that Offset had nobody to hide from.

J Prince decided to chime in on the post from his backyard. In a video of him lying on a beach chair, he showed off a pool and minigolf course while saying that he does not talk to Feds. “Live and in living color.” The Rap A Lot CEO talked his talk from the comfort of his home while many clowned him for continuing to make matters worst with all his posts.

“He just wanted to be talked about 😭 ain’t nobody said that,” said one person. “At this point, if I ever decide to live a life of crime, I am joining the Italian mafia. You don’t see any of them in social media,” said another person. Meanwhile, other fans joked that J Prince was beginning to look like Judge Joe Brown or Judge Mathis.

Most people just want J Prince to stop talking and let Offset, Quavo, and their families heal in peace and seek justice. “For him to be considered an ‘OG,’ he’s moving like a ‘Young Blood’ as they call the youngins……. Sir, please enjoy the scenery wherever you are and move like a real ‘G’ less talk on these apps 🙄🙄.” Meanwhile, authorities are still looking for answers in TakeOff’s passing.

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