It’s Time For A Keke Wyatt Reality Show After Announcing Her 11th Child

It’s time for Keke Wyatt and her children to get their own reality show and fans are ready to watch.  Keke Wyatt is prepping for baby number 11. The beloved vocalist and reality star has become as synonymous with having children as she is for her iconic vocal talents and covers song performances on social media. With her ever-expanding family, some fans feel like they are ready to see Keke Wyatt return to reality television and document her life. If this is the case, the world would be in for a treat as Wyatt reportedly open to have even more kids after number 11. 

Wyatt took to social media with her current husband Zackariah Darring and their large family to announce they were growing the squad. Wyatt has amassed a large tribe over her three marriages. When we first saw her on reality T.V., she was six children in and still in her second marriage. Fans were treated to her hilarious antics and personality over several seasons of R&B Divas before the show came to an end. The series was centered around R&B singers coming together as reality stars under Faith Evans to create a tribute album for Whitney Houston. Wyatt claims that she opted to leave the show going into its 4th season, and as a result, the show was canceled. She has nearly doubled her family in size since it wrapped. 

Over several posts on her IG, Wyatt celebrated the news surrounded by her husband and kids. Her children are wearing white shirts with “big brother” or “big sister” on them, while Wyatt wore a black dress that said loading on the front. Dad wore a white shirt to match the kids, but his said, “here we go again #lastone.” 

During an interview with Us Weekly, the reality star says that we should not read into her husband’s shirt too much because she’s learned to “never say never” when it comes to her having children.  Wyatt shares three kids with her first husband, Rahmat Morton, including a stillborn baby named Heaven. Their other children’s names are Keyver, 21, Rahjah, 19, and Ke’Tarah, 13. Her second husband, Michael Fordcame into their marriage with daughter, Kayla, which Wyatt adopted. The pair then had four children, Ke’Mar, 11, Wyatt, 9, Ke-Yoshi, 6, and Kendall, 4, together. Baby 11 will be her second child with Darring; their first is a son named Ke’Riah. 

Keke Wyatt says she already knows the sex of baby 11 but is keeping the gender and name a secret for now.  In a recent social media post from their family photoshoot, Keke shared some behind the scenes of her trying to get her kids to pose while they played and laughed. A beaming Wyatt looks at her kids with a palpable joy despite telling them, “it’s not your day,” and giggling while she fixed her husband’s shirt. She apologized to the photographer for the unruly toddlers but seemed to really be enjoying all the chaos. 

The R&B singer also told Us Weekly that despite what people may think, she really was not trying to have more kids. She and her husband were not actively attempting to conceive, but she admits they slipped up during some alone time from all their children. Keke Wyatt and her children returning to reality television would be a welcomed show. She would appeal to fans of shows like R&B Divas, Love and Hip-Hop, and Real Housewives while also speaking to an audience that helped make hits out of shows like John and Kate Plus 8 and Doubling Down With The Derricos.

Fans online seem to agree. “Y’all need a reality show Keke❤️,” said one fan. Essence Magazine chimed in, saying, “P.S. Someone give Keke Wyatt a T.V. show right now – because we would love to see the dynamic of this beautiful Black Family.” Another said, “If Keke Wyatt had a tv show…I would definitely watch,” followed by “Yo could you imagine laundry?? And dishes?? Whew, Lord have mercy! 😂” Sherri Shephard shouted out the growing family and supported reality star Keke Wyatt on her choice to keep having children. She also commended Wyatt’s current husband for having so much love for her kids from previous marriages.  Marry compared Wyatt to Nick Cannon. Cannon is currently on his 8th child with six different women. He has revealed plans to have ten total, but it’ll be a while before he can catch up to Keke Wyatt. 

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