Is It Time For Blogs To Stop Posting People’s Children? Social Media Media Users Believe So

Zaya Wade is continuing her journey through womanhood as most teenage girls her age are doing. Getting support from her family at a young age has meant that she has been able to really focus on herself and what kind of woman she is becoming instead of struggling through gender dysmorphia or other things that plague queer and trans youth across the globe.

Zaya has been given full expression of herself and her gender and has inspired a generation of parents to be more supportive of their kids. Every step of the way, people have continued to question parents Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union, assuming that Zaya’s transition would be a medical and physical one. While the family has never divulged details on Zaya’s medical status, the teen has always appeared to still very much be a kid. Zaya is not shy to rock her naturally short hair and often mixes up her style choice with pieces from both masculine and feminine sides of the clothing spectrum. Sometimes she appears more girly in colored hair and makeup, and a lot of times, she is just a kid in jeans.

Recently though, Zaya amped up the glam factor in a shoot that had her looking all grown up. Rocking long luscious hair and soft makeup, Zaya modeled a bracelet for Tiffany and Company. The beautiful shoot got support from many, and they noted how the young lady was flourishing in her truth and owning her transition. Unfortunately, some sites known for their salacious comments reshared the image to get a rise out of hecklers. While they certainly managed to get a few people to say messed up things, the response was mostly positive and in defense of Zaya Wade.

One person said, “Comments bout to be toxic if… don’t get caught in 4k hating on a kid,” while many others shared, “Stop posting people’s kids.” One person summed it up by saying, “Now Zaya posted this and limited the comments because she already knew! But here y’all go posting just so folks can come on here and talk about someone else’s child. Stop posting people’s kids.” Do you think the Shade Room is wrong for re-sharing Zaya’s shoot?

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