Ice-T and Coco’s Parenting Is Constantly Criticized, Now They’re Being Called Out For Pushing 6-Year-Old Daughter In A Stroller

Rapper Ice-T and his wife Coco are magnets for controversy. This has only gotten worst since becoming parents 6-years ago. Let’s take a look at the latest thing that has people calling them out. 

Ice T Has Three Children By Three Different Women

Rapper Ice T has 3 children from 3 different relationships. His eldest is LeTesha Marrow, whom he fathered with his high school sweetheart Adrienne while they were both 18. Tesha is listed on Twitter as a radio host, writer, director, actress, and “daughter of rapper & actor Ice-T.” She also has an email for bookings and a link to Onlyfans.  Tracy Marrow Jr. is his second child with ex-girlfriend Darlene Ortiz whom he met on the set of 1984’s Breakin. Tracy is now 29 and is a member of his father’s band, Body Count providing backing vocals. 

Ice-T would find his forever partner in Nicole “Coco” Austin in January 2002. The pair has always flaunted their love and relationship for the world, turning it into a handful of successful projects together from a reality show to a talk show and a series of successful books. Eventually, they completed their family with the birth of baby girl Chanel in 2015. 

Chanel came amidst mounting pressure from the public, who kept questioning when the couple would finally have a baby. Coco explained that she had been on birth control for 17 years, so when she stopped taking it, it took her body a year to regulate before she could get pregnant. 

Public scrutiny followed Coco into her pregnancy as well, and people picked on her for having a smaller belly than usual. She defended herself, stating that she’d been a fitness model her whole life, and sometimes women who work out a lot do not get large bellies during pregnancy. 

Ice-T and Coco’s Parenting Has Come into Question in the past

Unfortunately, people continued to criticize Coco and Ice-T after Chanel was born. Early on in Chanel’s childhood, Momma Coco revealed that she was still breastfeeding the 5-year-old. Coco explained that it was her and Chanel’s “bonding” time and that she did it mostly for comfort. She ensured followers that Chanel was eating real food as well and asked people to respect and understand her choices as a mother. 

Elsewhere, fans took issue with Chanel sporting french tips for a school picture, feeling the nails were a bit too grown for the toddler. “School Picture day!! For the special occasion, I let Chanel do mini tips to her nails..” Coco said in the caption. Fans in the comments felt she was making Chanel “too grown.”  Followers shared similar comments in a picture of Coco and Chanel rocking matching bikinis and doing “sassy” poses. 

Ice – T Has Addressed Fans In The Past

During an episode of The View, Ice-T told haters to mind their own business and says he does not worry about what people have to say. “Everybody parents differently. I say every house has its own constitution. We’re doing okay. Our baby’s okay.”

When Coco was faced with criticism for breastfeeding, Ice-T came to her defense on twitter tweeting, “Newsflash: We feed Chanel FOOD.. She just likes to suck moms [expletive] every now and then… Me Too!” Ice-T turned to Twitter again claiming people were just jealous of his wife. The legendary rapper shared a meme stating, “Jealousy will have people hating on someone that they should be learning from,” with the caption, – CE Cold Fact. He even went on to address a fan rebuking his jealousy claim. However, despite Ice-T’s constant clap backs, it seems fans have not learned their lesson because they’re at it again criticizing his parenting after an image went viral of now 6-year-old, Chanel in a stroller.

Fans Believe She Too Old For A Stroller

Coco, Ice-T, and a now 6-year-old Chanel have been posing it up while on vacation in Atlantis Bahamas. The family has been sharing their trip with fans in a series of snaps, but the latest one has people criticizing their parenting yet again. 

In the image, the family is out shopping and stopped to get a selfie in the store mirror. Mom and dad strike a pose while a very bored Chanel sits in her stroller. “A stroll through the @atlantisbahamas shops…Chanel is so over it unless there’s something cool to see… Her face transitions instantly,” said mom in the caption. 

Fans in the comments feel that Chanel is too big to be in a stroller and tell the parents to let her “grow up.” One fan said, “I know she may be your last baby, but you have to let her grow up. If anything, a wagon is more her age! I have a 6-year-old smaller than her, and she hasn’t been in a stroller in years 😂 I would hate for your sweet baby to get bullied or something.”  Another simply said, “I love you, Coco, but .. a stroller….”

Do you think Chanel should be walking on her own by now? 

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