How Old Will R&B Singer R. Kelly Be When He’s Finally A Free Man?

R. Kelly fans are a bit confused this week. Despite the embroiled star having his charges dropped in Chicago, it’s being reported that he will still be locked up for the foreseeable future. So what is really going on with his charges, and why has it not impacted his time?

This week it was reported that Cook County dropped its charges against Robert Kelly. These charges were connected to the tape that leaked in the late ’90s featuring Kelly and niece of his protege Sparkle. While he originally went to court for this in the ’00s, the family was reportedly paid off to pretend it was not their daughter in the video. Kelly even sent the family on vacation and helped them start several businesses.

Following the release of Surviving, R. Kelly, the young woman, who is now an adult, decided to come forward again and seek justice. Kelly is already facing 30 years in connection to charges in New York. Due to him already serving time, Chicago prosecutors feel that “justice has already been served.” “I’m here to inform you that the Cook County State Attorney’s office will no longer be pursuing these indictments.” Attorney Kim Foxx confirmed. This news brings no relief to Kelly or his team, and they are reportedly “not happy.” “There is no real sense of relief. He is still fighting for his life. He is facing decades in prison,” his lawyer Jennifer Bonjean said.

Next month the singer will return to a Chicago courtroom where he will be sentenced for additional charges. His expected sentencing can be anywhere from 10 to 90 years. Prosecutors believe R. Kelly will be at least 80 years old before he’s a free man again. R. Kelly is a father of three. His children Joann, Jaah, and Robert are all adult age and will be well into their 50s if their father makes it out of prison alive. Unfortunately, both of Robert’s brothers have cast any doubts on him surviving his sentence. They both have confirmed that Kelly is not in the best mental state and have shared fears that he might harm himself.

While his kids have not said much about the recent news or sentencing, his daughter Joann confirms that her father’s legal issues have ruined opportunities for her. The aspiring singer/songwriter has had to change her name to distance herself from her dad.

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