How Much Is Raven-Symone’s Net Worth In 2022?

Raven-Symone’s net worth in 2022 is estimated at $40 million. From her days on the Cosby Show to now being one of the staples of Disney Channel, Raven has worked since early on and amassed a powerful fortune and resume. Raven has been opened about how well off she was when she first stepped away from the spotlight to pursue college and a “normal life.” However, since coming back into the fray, she continues to stack bigger and better checks. Let’s take a look at how Raven-Symone built her fortune.

Raven-Symone got her start on television with the Cosby Show. She had originally auditioned for a role in Cosby’s Ghost Dad, but was considered too young for the part. Instead, Cosby brought her onto his television show to play their step-granddaughter, Olivia. Raven remained on the show until its series finale in 1992. From there, she began racking up roles in television and film, starring in Hanging with Mr. Cooper, Alex Haley’s Queen, The Little Rascals, and eventually Dr. Dolittle.

True success for Raven came when she began working with the Disney Channel. Initially, she played the sidekick on Zenon Girl of the 21st Century before stepping into a starring role on her series That’s So Raven. It became one of the biggest shows in the channel’s history and made Raven a household name. Roles in The Cheetah Girls, Kim Possible, The Princess Diaries, and College Road Trip solidified her as a Disney megastar. She would also go on to do broadway and release several albums before stepping away from the spotlight.

Raven made her glorious return to television as a co-host on The View. This was followed up with her return to Disney Channel in two That’s So Raven spinoffs. She also had roles in Black-ish, Empire, and A Girl Like Grace and competed in The Masked Singer. In total, Raven has received five NAACP Image Awards, two Kids Choice Awards, three Young Artist Awards, and three Daytime Emmy nominations.

When Raven walked away from the spotlight back in 2012, she said she did it because she needed a break to recharge and no longer needed the money. While she did eventually return, Symone revealed that the reason she was able to comfortably step away was due to her earnings from The Cosby Show, which she has never spent. Recently, Raven admitted that while the Cosby checks still come in, but she puts them in her savings.

Raven confirmed, “I haven’t touched my Cosby money,” in an IG live with a fan. They confirmed in the caption, “due to her other roles in TV, movies, music &, etc., she has NOT spent ANY of her Cosby show money & still has it saved.” During a discussion with The Grio, she went on to call those checks her “nest egg.” Raven can comfortably put that money away, especially now that she is back on the Disney Channel. Not only does she star in a new series centered around Raven Baxter, but she is also listed as an executive producer on the show as well.

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