How Long Has R&B Singer Faith Evans and Stevie J Been Separated?

Apparently, it would be all things would not be as though they seem as it pertains to the Jordans. Stevie J and Faith Evans just may be on the verge of splitting with things reportedly getting potentially uglier than previously stated. Now on the heels of the the news that Stevie J wants spousal support, Evans is fighting back and stating that she does not want to pay, and also disputing just how long they have been separated. 

It seemed like it was just yesterday when tweets appeared on both Faith Evans and Stevie J’s respective Twitter accounts declaring their love for one another. These tweets that showed the former Bad Boy recording artists’ last name had been changed to “Jordan” from Evans would signify that the couple were now living the married life. It was also a marriage that shocked not only their fans and supporters, but their families as well.

But after only three years those tweets being published, Stevie J chose to file for divorce from his marriage to his now estranged wife. This comes after many rumors of infidelity and domestic disputes, along with Evans being arrested on one occasion. Finally in November of 2021, news would break that the former cast member of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta had filed to divorce the R&B singer, citing “irreconcilable differences”.

Since the news of their impending divorce dropped, multiple things have occurred that have appeared to be very conflicting. For one, Faith Evans hadn’t outright addressed the rumors. Instead, the singer’s Instagram included a slide show of photos and videos showing the two of them doing flips on the beach. The caption on the post was a call for them to be “free.” In another post, the singer posted a meme which let critics know of “three places they can stay for free” which were “In your lane,” “Out of my business,” and “Over there.”

Then things took a turn for the worse when a video was leaked that showed Stevie J attempting to expose Evans for cheating on him while insulting her. In the video clip, Faith constantly iterates that she “hates” her estranged husband who is behind the camera. She also begs him to move as she tries to escape him. After the cringeworthy video appeared all over social media, the former producer made another video and uploaded on social media to not only address the scandal, but apologize to Faith Evans, whom he still referred to as his “wife.” In the video, Stevie J acknowledged he humilated his wife and alluded to someone stealing his computer and releasing the video. 

He added that his wife is an “amazing person” while also extending an apology to her family and saying that they “don’t deserve this.” Stevie J then offers that Faith Evans did not cheat and that he was just “in the moment.” His apologies continued to his estranged wife along with the promise that he loved her and an emphasis on “always” being there for her.

As many remained unclear as to whether or not the couple would remain together, the latest news seemed to prove that things were really done between them. Multiple outlets reported that Stevie J was on the quest to receive spousal support from Faith Evans, though no official number has been released. It is also unclear whether or not a prenup was solidified prior to their nuptials. Jordan also claims that the couple have been “separated since Oct. 19, 2021.” 

On the heels of this news, Faith Evans has stepped forward to cease her soon-to-be ex-husband from being able to receive spousal support. Court documents obtained from The Blast shows Faith also revealing a different date of separation from Stevie. That date would be “May 29, 2020,” well over a year ago. Evans is also requesting that she be able to retain all the property that she entered the marriage with “by gift, inheritance, or devise, and after the date of separation.” Stay tuned for more on the drama surrounding Stevie J and Faith Evans’ divorce. 

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