How Infidelity Played A Major Part In Rapper Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera’s Divorce

Waka Flocka Flame and Tammy Rivera have gone their separate ways, and fans are still trying to piece together what happened. While they have continued to shoot their reality show, they have not been super open about what broke them up other than “growing apart.” Waka has had some history of infidelity over the years, and it appears Tammy did too. Was cheating a big part of them coming undone?

Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera put up a good fight. The pair were married for over a decade, with several successful runs on television together. While the couple seemed like things were on the up and up, they shocked the world with the announcement of their divorce last year. Even apart, they’ve opted to continue forward with their show and with co-parenting teen daughter Charlie.

Waka Flock Flame says that cheating on Tammy in the beginning actually made the couple stronger. “I actually made her meaner. [Tammy] had no idea what she was up against. It could have made her or broke her…it made her even better than what I thought,” he said. “I helped her,” Waka says that Tammy being tougher made it easier for her to handle being in the public eye. “Tammy had to be strong in order to not fold under all of the public scrutiny that comes with being a celebrity,” he said.

Tammy fired back, saying that the infidelity actually made her insecure and created issues. “He thinks he helped me by doing some of the evil and mean things he did to make me meaner that didn’t help me,” she told their therapist. In fact, Tammy says their love changed a lot following that, and she never loved him the same. Despite Tammy pushing him away during the time he cheated, she said what allowed her to stay was Waka’s fight to make things right.

Even while sleeping on the couch, Waka was determined to right his wrongs. “He had to be consistent, and it was like there were months when he was in the house where he was sleeping on the couch [and] I was evil. I was like, ‘you can get out.’ He was just like, ‘no, I’m going to show you. I’m going to show you.'” Later on, Tammy would reveal that the time in their relationship forced her to do some cheating on her own.

While talking to a radio host, Tammy said that she would connect with another man during a dark time in their union. “Hell yeah, [he’s cheated on me in the past], and I’ve cheated on him in the past,” Tammy recalled. “People only see one side to a story. Not while we were married. I haven’t had sex with anyone. Y’all think cheating is about sex?”

Since their split, Waka has owned his fault in the split. He has opened up about wearing too many hats and, unfortunately, not pouring into his relationship enough as a result. He is currently dating around, while Tammy has been focused on raising their daughter.

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