Here’s Everything Romeo Miller Has Revealed About His Father, Master P In Their Public Feud

Few father-son duos are synonymous as Master P and Lil Romeo. The No Limit CEO brought his son into the spotlight back in 2001, and the two have been inseparable ever since. They’ve collaborated on music, television shows, reality television, and business ventures. Recently, Romeo reveals that his father might have been using him as a prop all along and did not have his or his sibling’s best interest in mind. Let’s take a look at everything Romeo has revealed about his father in recent weeks.

Romeo and Master P’s last project together was their participation on WETV’s Growing Up Hip-Hop. On the program, the pair shared their journey as a father-son power team and how they navigate the limelight together. While on the series, they also covered Tytyana Miller’s struggle with drug addiction. Tyty is P’s daughter with estranged wife Sonia Miller, who also struggled with addiction. Tyty would lose her battle earlier this year, causing a rift in the Miller household. While P took to news outlets to express his desire to honor Tyty through partnering with drug prevention organizations, Romeo reveals this was not the full story behind the scenes.

Following the passing of DJ tWtich, Master P posted a video of tWitch dancing with his business partner Snoop Dogg during an episode of Ellen and expressed his condolences. Romeo Miller called him out immediately and said it did not look right for him to be honoring a celebrity but not speaking on the passing of his daughter. Romeo also revealed that Master P did not do much to help Tyty while she was still alive. When fans taunted him about his rant getting him cut out of the family fortune, Romeo dropped the bombshell to fans, letting them know that his family’s money was tied up in his father’s “lifestyle” and he had been living month to month since he was 18.

In a series of shocking reveals, Romeo told fans that his father never gave him a single check that he earned as Lil Romeo and that in reality, his father spent it all on his tax debt. Furthermore, Romeo alleges his father lied to him about his ownership of the potato chips brand Rap Snacks and never paid him a single dime of the money he earned from his bag of chips either. The company was equally shocked and reached out to Romeo, rerouting his Rap Snacks earnings directly to him going forward after 15 years of promoting them for free.

Master P has maintained that his son is ill-informed and spoiled and has shut down his son’s claims in between videos of him promoting his cereal brand. Posing in his backyard, Master P said, “I’m at peace now, I know the Truth,” , calling out Romeo for doing all of this to gain sympathy and just wanting money. However, Romeo claims Master P lives for social media and has shut him down at every chance when he has attempted to address their issues privately.

Romeo maintains that he is telling the truth and has even offered to do a lie detector test to prove it. The former rapper took to social media to say, “I want everybody to support my dad and his interviews, and then I’ll follow back up and sit down with the same people with a lie detector test.” The duo are still at odds as Romeo claims he’s never needed his father to help with any of his “adult bills.”

Master P has not responded to Romeo’s willingness to take lie detector test.

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