Gorilla Glue Girl, Tessica Brown Facing Another Hair Disaster

Tessica Brown struck viral gold earlier this year with her Gorilla Glue hair fiasco. The Louisiana woman took TikTok by storm and has made a pretty penny off her misfortune. As the first major meme of the 2021, Brown has done an exceptional job keeping her name in the headlines any way she possibly can. Now she is looking to cash in again, posting a new video detailing her latest hair problem.

Tessica Brown was affectionally called Gorilla Glue girl by everyone when she posted a video to her TikTok letting people know that she’d accidentally glued her hair to her head. “It don’t move” she said, sounding very upset. Brown says she ran out of her go-to hair gel and decided to use Gorilla Glue to achieve her desired look. Unfortunately, the choice had her stuck with her hairdo for over a month.

She went on to document her journey to get free of the hair hell. Brown went to hospitals, tried soaps, acids, and more, but nothing worked. Tessica Brown would eventually start a GoFundMe for herself that raised over $20k to help her. Luckily for Brown, a Beverly Hills-based doctor had caught wind of her story and opted to try an experimental procedure if Brown decided to donate her GoFundMe earnings to his organization RESTORE Worldwide. RESTORE helps provide cosmic surgery to people in underprivileged countries.

Freed from her hair prison, Brown has gone on to make a small fortune selling merch. She also came out with a line of hair products, including a gel and hair growth serum. Last month she also released her debut single “Ma Hair.” According to the talent manager Gina Rodriguez, she’d secured since going viral. Brown wanted Nicki Minaj on her song. The Queen of Hip-hop had referenced Brown on her song “Seeing Green,” so they figured she would gladly hop on the bop. Unfortunately for Brown, Minaj did not return her calls in time.

Tessica is now looking to extend her viral reign with a new video posted to her TikTok. Since becoming Gorilla Glue Girl, Brown has been a staple on TMZ, so the tabloid giant was right there to document her latest hair disaster. According to manager Rodriguez, “Tessica dyed her hair brown two days ago, and now she might have to shave her head because her hair is like elastic and it comes right out when she uses a comb.”

In the video, Brown shows off her short hair and how it’s falling out of her hair. She pulled a towel off her hair and began running her hands through it. Large chunks of hair came out. It worsened when she ran a comb through it to similar results. Brown says she dyed her hair to hide some grays but usually opts for wigs to achieve different looks. Unfortunately, the brown dye ruined her remaining hair. She says she used a store-bought dye and noticed something was wrong when she felt it burning.

Looks like Tessica Brown is now undergoing a stem cell treatment to replace the hair that has fallen out. Celebrity stylist, E.J. King left a comment under Hollywood Unlock’s post telling the viral sensation to cut it off and start over. Fans in the comments agreed with King’s sentiment, also stating, Brown is trying to extend her 15 minutes and should stop doing her own hair. Check out more comment below.

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