GloRilla Leaves Shaquille O’Neal On Read After Surprise Proposing, Refuse To Respond

GloRilla is having a great freshman year. The hip-hop rookie has two hit records to her name, a Grammy nomination, and one of the most successful athletes on the planet in her DMs. So what is the deal with Shaquille O’Neal and GloRilla? And will she be giving the former Laker a shot after all his advances? 

GloRilla was recently featured on an IG Live with comedian Druski. While being asked by the funny man to spit a freestyle, fans noticed Shaq in the comments section. While she struggled to figure out what to rap about, Shaq was steadily shooting his shot at the “F.N.F” hitmaker and asked her, “Hey Glo will you marry me?” before signing out. Glo was kicked off the live shortly after as well by Druski for not rapping on time, and it is unclear if she saw the comment. 

While she never said anything about the marriage proposal, it has gone viral. In previous interviews, Glo has talked about Shaq being one of the first celebrities to reach out to her after she crossed over into the mainstream. Last July, she said he reached out to compliment her hit single. She was so shocked she did not believe the message actually came from him. “I was like, ‘Shaq!?'” she proclaimed and said she had to go on the page several times to believe it was him. 

Shaq has sung the song’s praises in his own interviews as well. During a stop at Drink Champs, he sang the lyrics before proclaiming, “that *[song] go hard!” Some joked that Glo was not “Hoopz” enough for Shaq, making a reference to one of his more famous exes from the Flavor of Love franchise. However, Hoopz and Shaq have been done for years. Another person said, “Shaq shooting his shot at glorilla is insane.”

Shaquille O’Neal is 50 years old, making him 27 years her senior. Fans pointed this out, saying, “so nobody found it weird that Shaq tried it wit glorilla? He’s 27yrs older than her bruh. that’s oc.” She is the same age as his son Shareef O’Neal. He also has a daughter older than her. “Shaq got kids older than Glorilla, why he tryna smash her lil a**?” asked one person.  Some fans even accused the rapper of trying to wife someone up since his ex-wife Shaunie recently married her husband.

It looks like GloRilla has chosen to leave Shaq on read and not entertain his foolishness. After a few weeks, the rapper still has yet to address the surprise proposal. Power 105.1 ran a poll on Twitter to see if fans believed Shaq had a shot. 48% of votes said no.  Meanwhile, GloRilla has been busy promoting new music. Her single “On Wat U On” featuring MoneyBaggYo dropped a week ago. She also was announced as part of the Coachella lineup and will be joining the likes of Frank Ocean, A Boogie, Pusha T, and more in the desert festival this April. 

She was also stunting for any potential suitors, showing off her body in a clip of her flexing in the mirror. “SOMEBODY TEACH ME HOW TO MOVE MY BUTT PLS!!! Too damn thick to be acting like this 😂😂😂 #onwatyouon.” Is it possible she’s just not into Shaq? 

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