‘Girl We Already Knew’: Da Brat Claims People Weren’t Surprised When She Finally Came Out As A Lesbian

Da Brat came out to the public, and it literally was not much of a shocker to many. However, it was a joyous occasion as the freedom to live life to the fullest and “Unrestricted” could now commence. Speculations surrounding the rapper’s sexuality have been a thing for some years, but Da Brat never confirmed the rumors. That is until she met her current wife. So what was Da Brat’s life like beforehand that made people less than surprised of her coming out?

Da Brat is one of the pioneers of the female rap game. In the 1990s, she trailblazed for many, churning out many platinum and gold hits, including “Funkdafied,” “Give It 2 You,” and “Sittin’ On Top Of The World.” But outside of the music, not much of Da Brat’s personal life was shared. Later in life, Da Brat revealed that she dated legendary NBA star Allen Iverson.

Da Brat held a conversation with fellow Atlanta native and reality star Kandi Burruss. She dished out details of their relationship. According to the rapper, when she dated Allen Iverson, things were terrific for a “long time.” Da Brat shared that she used to enjoy doing things for her then-boyfriend, like cooking breakfast and pleasing him in the morning. She also shared that she found joy in picking out his clothing.

But although the relationship had its great moments, Da Brat says that excessive cheating caused them to split. The rapper shared that he had a baby mother and children, but one instance where she beat another woman up who approached her looking for Allen Iverson pushed her to her breaking point.

Da Brat confessed that he wasn’t the last man she dated after their relationship. The rapper also shared that she was once involved with Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Kirk Frost before he married Rasheeda Frost. According to Da Brat-Tat-Tat, Frost wrote his name and number on “20 $100 bills” in order to get her attention. She also claims to have received a Lincoln Navigator from him.

Da Brat was also reported to have dated Outkast rapper Andre 3000 and television producer David Gest in 2006. All the while, Da Brat carried a tomboy image, which prompted many to believe she was a lesbian.   But in 2000, Da Brat entered the new decade with a new look and attitude. Noticeably, the rapper took on a sexier image and shed the tomboy look. This led many to believe that she was trying to deflect from the rumors that she was a lesbian or that the label was trying to pressure her into appearing more feminine. 

In an interview with Tamron Hall, Da Brat expressed that none of the aforementioned was true. The choice to switch up her look was her own. “I would not let anybody change me, or put me in anything tight, or anything [until] I felt it was safe or I felt like it,” she said to the talk show host. Furthermore, the rapper expressed that she was also told that it would help her sell records, so she chose to look “f- able.”

But that is all behind her as she’s now married to the love of her life, Jesseca “Judy” Dupart. So when she came out in 2020, Da Brat compared it to a weight being lifted off of her. “I was so happy, after nervous,” the rapper said during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. She went on to reflect on the widespread positive response that she got. “You got half of the people saying, ‘Girl, we already knew,’ she said. The other half, she claims, expressed their happiness that she finally released that weight to the world.

Fans noticed her “glow” which she felt was “everything” to her. Perhaps she didn’t expect the reaction to be that way as the Hip-Hop culture and music business was a different world in the 90s. Sitting next to her now-wife, Da Brat expressed to the interviewer that coming out was the “best moment of my life, besides my wedding.”

As for her new music, Da Brat states that it is going to reflect the “happy” side of her, now that life is freer. The last time she has dropped a project was the 2003 release of Limelite, Luv & Niteclubz.  

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