Gene Deal Continues To Tell Stories, This Time He’s Revealing Moment With Diddy and Baby Boy Rapper

Eugene Deal, better known as Gene, is the former head of security of Bad Boy Entertainment. Gene was around for some landmark moments in the label’s history. This included the death of the Notorious B.I.G. Deal also witnessed a lot of questionable behavior by C.E.O. Sean “Diddy” Combs that he has been exposing over the years. Diddy reportedly fired Deal after he found out that he was talking with the law enforcement. 

Gene Deal has made a career of his interviews, many of which have gone viral. He’s sat with everyone from The Art of Dialogue to VladTV. He often talks about the beef between Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. and how Diddy did not seem to care what happened to anyone as long as he was still profiting off of it. He’s also alleged that Diddy was the real target on the night Biggie’s life was taken. Gene makes allegations about Puff’s ‘lifestyle’ and how Kim Porter was actually planning to expose him and his escapades prior to her mysterious passing. “Kim knew where the bodies were buried,” he joked in one discussion. 

During one Vlad TV interview, he recalled Diddy saying, “I don’t care if Pac got to [go], I don’t care if Big got to [go], or Suge Knight go to Jail. Something has to change,” following the Soul Train Awards. Gene said that Diddy was worried about “white people” getting scared and pulling funding from his label and business endeavors.  Gene was shocked that Diddy would even mention Biggie’s passing in such a way. He says looking back, it felt like some type of foreshadowing or inside knowledge that Diddy had. He felt like the way Diddy said it, he had “heard it before” from someone else. 

Gene Deal opened up about the things he saw Diddy and Kim Porter during while they were together. He recalls times when they would entertain other couples in their private time. “I’m the only one who can go to the room 9 times out of 10,” he tells The Art of Dialogue. According to Gene, Diddy was even intimate with his own artists. He claims that after a trip from Atlanta, Diddy and a young woman named Sarah was accompanied by a Bad Boy artist. Gene was instructed not to let anyone come into the room.

The unnamed artist had a cousin stopped by demanding to see him. Gene and the cousin begin to tussle when he tried to force himself into the room, and Gene says that the artist and Diddy ran out of the room naked to break things up. Gene said the artist was a bit embarrassed and started looking around for a towel, while Diddy did not seem to care much. Once the ruckus died down, the artist told his cousin, “you ain’t want to come up in there, there was a lot of freaky sh*t going on.” 

He did not unveil who the artist was but said they’re a rapper that does a bit of singing too. 

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