Rapper Future Releases New Song and Mentions His Ex, Ciara Wilson

Future lives by his own rules. Despite his notoriously petty and toxic nature, the rapper continues to thrive as one of the most successful acts in the streaming era. He continues to take the crown for worst ex of all time as he never lets up on his former girlfriend and baby mother, Ciara. He’s named dropped her a few times on songs, and his latest seems to allude to them still having a physical relationship even though she’s married to Russell Wilson. 

Future and Ciara’s romance was short-lived but has resulted in years of drama and song references. Future has made it clear over the years that he would still very much like to be in bed with the “Goodies” hitmaker and does not care much for her husband. He might even have some regrets if last year’s music video for “Love You Better” was anything to go by. In it, he cast a couple to play a fictional Ciara and Russell Wilson while he sported clown makeup and rapped about hoping his ex could find someone better than him. While it appears Ciara has done just that, Future will still not let up. 

The drama has spilled over into both Ciara and Russell’s careers, as the two have to sometimes go out of their way to avoid running into Future at events or hearing his music. Opponents have used this against Russell, as rival teams have taken to playing Future’s music during games to taunt him. Despite it all, Russell and Ciara continue to lead by love and set an example by continuing to pour into their marriage and children. 

Future also continues to make reference to him and Ciara still having an intimate relationship. Last year on the song “Bullseye2” featuring Real Boston Richey, he not only mentioned he still “smash on Ci,” but that if he was not friends with Jay-Z, he would also make a pass at Beyonce. At the time, people clowned him for being salty and called him out on social media. “He still loves her and wish he did things differently and they was together, and it shows bad,” tweeted one person. Another said, “Bro, she is happily married with two more kids; pack it tf up.”

Future is back at it again, with a new leaked snip of a song housing yet another line about his sexual relationship with Ciara that he claims is ongoing. In the song preview, Future does his usual bragging about money while declaring that he would sleep with Michelle Obama if she gave him a call. He then raps, “f* all that BS, go [expletive] on Ciara.” The video cuts to a picture of Ciara’s face. It concludes with him also referencing moments with Halle Berry. 

The song title has not been revealed but it is rumored to feature Chicago rapper Lil Durk, who is reportedly taking shots at Gunna. While some are excited for the full song to leak, others are over Future’s antics. “Ciara and Future broke up in 2014. it is 2023. stop hyping that [FN] up and recommend him a psychiatrist. He’s sick in multiple ways and hella delusional,” concluded one fan.

  Check out the new single and let us know your your thoughts. We don’t expect Ciara or Russell Wilson to respond.

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