Four Times Gabrielle Union Has Used Her Voice To Make Sure Everyone Feels Heard

Gabrielle Union wants people to know they are not alone. The actress has opened up in a series of interviews and books about her life and the struggles she has overcome. From infidelity to infertility, Union has bared it all in hopes of inspiring others to push through their individual struggles. Even now, she still battles crippling anxiety that fills her with terror at times . Let’s take a look at her journey and some of the causes she’s championed on her path of healing.

Gabrielle Union Is A Champion For LGBT Rights

Gabrielle Union is a proud activist and champion for LGBTQIA+ rights. She is helping her husband Dywane Wade, raise their trans teen Zaya Wade. Through Zaya, they have become powerful allies by uplifting her and her story while also donating and helping different causes. Back in 2019, Gabrielle and Dwyane partnered with GLSEN, a non-profit dedicated to ending discrimination in schools. In a statement released at the time, they said, “As a family, we believe inclusion and equality are two essential pillars needed to move towards growth and progressive thinking and action in our society.” Along with the statement, Gab shared a picture of her husband Wade and their two boys and daughter Zaya. In addition to her $50k donation, she also launched limited-edition pride shirts, with the proceeds going towards GLSEN. 

Gabrielle Union Struggles With Fertility

Another common struggle Gabrielle Union championed is infertility, becoming a voice for women trying to conceive. Union had a long hard struggle trying to have her own child before opting to have a surrogate. This was not a choice she readily accepted and fought hard for years to do herself, almost throwing her body into early menopause in the process. Gabrielle admits in her book last year that she really wanted to get pregnant with Wade’s child because she felt so much pain from him conceiving one during an affair. Eventually, she understood she was taking a toll on her body and her marriage and decided to try things differently. She’s now an advocate for women trying to have children and helps spread information about surrogacy and her journey. 

Gabrielle Union Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Was At An All-Time High During The Pandemic

The pandemic stirred up some new emotions for Gabrielle Union, who has severe PTSD stemming for an incident earlier in her life. The mix of the global pandemic and her own personal triggers sent her into a deep spiral of anxiety, she told Women’s Health. The actress spoke out in several interviews letting people know that post traumatic stress disorder is not a death sentence and that there are resources to help you manage if you’re feeling triggered or anxious about something. “You don’t have to be alone or feel isolated. There are so many of us out there who are dealing with exactly what you’re dealing with, and it doesn’t make you weak..

Gabrielle Union Has Struggled With Anxiety For 30 Years

In a recent post to Instagram, Gabrielle Union explains how living with these triggers has been challenging for her. “Living with panic attacks all these years has never been easy.” The actress went on to say there are times when it’s so bad it shrinks her life. According to the actress, leaving the house or making a left-hand turn at an uncontrolled light fills her with terror at times. Union goes on to explain how people need to be more understanding when someone expresses their struggles. She says she does not need to be “fixed” but just wants to create more understanding around the topic so that more people feel safe to communicate themselves and their triggers. 

Despite all she fights for and all the help Union has, its very brave of her to admit that it is still very hard for her. AOC commented “Wow 💞 your voice and story just created so much space for others. Your courage heals!”

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