Flo Rida Baby Mama Demands He Pays Up and Stop Crying Broke Minutes After Rapper Is Awarded $82 Million Lawsuit

Rapper Flo Rida is one of music’s most interesting anomalies. Despite having more hit records than more popular rappers, Flo has notoriously stayed under the radar and out of sight. His personal life seldom gets in the headlines like the likes of Kanye West, 50 Cent, and more. However, that does not mean he doesn’t have any drama. Fresh off a massive lawsuit win, the “Low” hitmaker is getting called out by his baby momma.

Born Tramar Lacel Dillard, Flo Rida got his start in 2008 with his breakout single “Low.” Featuring T-Pain, the record flew to #1 on the Billboard hot 100 and was followed by his sophomore album hit “Right Round.” The song helped introduce Ke$ha to the world and prove that Flo understood how to make a smash. Across four studio albums, 3 EPS, and 39 singles, Flo has racked up 11 top-ten records. Flo helped usher in an era of hip-hop/EDM records and has maintained his timeless hit status with “Low” popping up every so often in commercials.

Flo Rida’s personal life is not super public, with his Wikipedia not even having a family section. There have been rumors over the years of relationships with Brandy, Ashanti, Eva Marcille, and Melyssa Ford. However, Flo has one child with Alexis Adams named Zohar Paxton. Paxton has a neurological condition that “permits excess cerebrospinal fluid to flood the brain called hydrocephalus.” As a result, the boy suffers from nausea, vomiting, distorted vision, and more.

Several sites have reported that Flo Rida has no relationship with the four-year-old and has said some mean things about him in the press. This includes calling the boy “evil” and distancing himself from Zohar and his mother, Alexis. He is rumored to support Zohar financially after being forced to pay $8K monthly in child support and has been confirmed by DNA to be his father.

Alexis spoke out following a surgery that Zohar had, claiming that despite Flo Rida being very involved in charities pertaining to kids, he did not show up for his son. He did, however, show up for recent court appearances. Flo Rida was suing energy drink Celsius for unpaid wages that have accumulated to over $82 million dollars since he began his lawsuit back in 2014. Flo Rida is obviously feeling vindicated with the win and looking to enjoy his newfound millions, but Alexis thinks its time for him to pay up and help out with Zohar.

Under a post discussing Flo’s new legal, Alexis commented, “now he can stop crying broke for our son’s medical and educational expenses.” It’s been an uphill battle for Alexis, raising Zohar alone and fronting the bill for all his medical expenses. It’s unclear if Flo plans on helping Alexis out or if he plans on having a relationship with his son. Alexis has an IG account for Zohar, which lists @Official_flo as his father. Both his page and hers are private.

Despite his father’s absence, Alexis has been using her platform for good. She is using Zohar’s story to raise awareness for autism and did a fundraiser in 2019 that was supported by many sites.

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