Five Times Theophilus London Defended Kanye West’s Honor

Last week Kanye West was booted of IG to the dismay of many of his supporters. Friends who immediately jumped up in his support and against the platform were The Game and French Montana, who made posts pointing out how unfair it was. One guy who has always been there for West is Theophilus London. The Brooklyn-born creative has been working with Kanye West for years and also voiced his frustration with the social media giant doing his friend dirty. This is not the first time he’s come to Kanye’s aid, and over the weekend, he even pulled up on DL Hughley, who has been historically critical of West. Let’s take a look at the many times Theo has tried to protect Kanye from the haters. 

As previously mentioned, London was not happy with IG blocking Kanye West from the platform. It had come after a series of posts where West seemed to be making threats towards ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her new boyfriend Pete Davidson, as well as late-night comic Trevor Noah. “Nah, it’s free the Goat gang!!!! @instagram y’all tweaking #CoachellaBoys #Priors 🎡🐉,” he captioned a photo of him and a masked Kanye. The slide also featured a screenshot of the TMZ article announcing West’s 24 hr Instagram suspension. 

During a GQ article in 2019, Theophilus was asked what he would do if he became president. Around that time, Kanye had just made his plans to run for office clear at the MTV Video Music Awards, and many were not sure if the Chicago MC was actually serious. According to London, it did not matter because if he became president, he would instantly hand the mantle over to Kanye West. “I’d make a speech saying I can’t accept this position. Then I’ll ask Kanye if he’d rather take my place.” As we know, West would eventually run and was accused by many of doing so as a distraction to help his friend Donald Trump. 

Last month, Kanye West began the idea of changing ‘Black History Month’ to ‘Black Future Month’ declaring he’s tired of hearing about slavery every year. Of course, ‘Ye’s sentiments were met with some backlash from some fans who didn’t agree. However, one person who supported the movement was his long time loyal friend, Theophilus who took to Instagram to share an image of him and the rapper with the caption, Black Future Month #BFM.

Over the weekend, Theophilus took his love of Kanye to new heights, running up on comedian DL Hughley. Hughley is easily one of West’s biggest critics and has had a lot to say about him in recent weeks. In a VladTV interview, DL Hughley argues that Kanye West is placing Kim Kardashian in danger and feels that he is only getting away with it because he is rich and powerful. How does West respond to this? By threatening to find DL Hughley’s address. To make his case even worst, Theophilus ran up on DL at Nobu and took a picture of him looking terrified from clearly being ambushed. In the caption, he reveals that he asked the comedian to apologize for the Vlad interview and that DL Hughley called security on him.

People on Twitter were not happy about this. “Man listens… DL Hughley is a legend & has every right to express his opinion on a matter that was made public mostly by Kanye West. Weird energy pulling up on a older man who’ve had recent health issues. All for an opinion?? Lame & anybody who support this been a lame.” Others criticized West’s supporters for pulling up on DL and not Pete, the person he is allegedly upset with. “@kanyewest allegedly had boys run up on @RealDLHughley, a black man, but not on Pete, man to man. Once my kingdom is invaded, I’m not taking anyone back. You forgot about that family’s track record. You keep bragging about money; integrity should be the move, you looking weak.”

West and Theo have yet to release a statement about this and do not appear like they will. Meanwhile, earlier this month, Theo took to his Instagram to praise a reportedly petty move by actor Robert Pattinson. The Batman star is said to have thrown a party at a restaurant owned by Pete Davidson and had them play Kanye West music the entire night. “Need this fact checked before he is crowned king,” Theophilus said in his story.  Many do not feel that Theolonius, The Game, and French Montana should be coming to Kanye’s rescue, and a lot of people are pointing out that this can only get worst if people do not get Kanye some help. 

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