Five Other Men Who Have ‘Disrespected’ Jada Pinkett Smith In The Last Few Years

Jada Pinkett Smith has made the transition in recent years from film star to daytime talk show star. The move has allowed Jada an opportunity to shed her image as the perfect Hollywood wife and show people who she really is. While inviting people into her world, she’s also invited a great deal of opinions about her. Many have not been very mature or respectful when it comes to the things Jada has decided to divulge to the public, and often times people do mock her. This obviously did not bode well for Chris Rock at the Oscars. Let’s take a look at gove other men who have come for Jada Pinkett Smith over the years.

When news broke that Jada had been in a relationship with R&B singer August Alsina, she decided to discuss it with her husband at The Red Table Talk, her Facebook series. While there, Jada and Will opened up about a rough time in their marriage that caused them to reconsider how they approached their relationship. This meant that, for a time, they saw other people. Jada and August’s relationship was made public by August, but to date, Will Smith has never confessed to his own outside relationship, if there ever was one. As a result, many felt that Jada stepped out on her own and basically was taking advantage of Will Smith. Lil Boosie was one of the first to agree, saying that “Jada got zoomed.”

Boosie shares a home state with August Alsina and feels that Louisiana men are irresistible to women. “In Louisiana, we zoom [women],” he told Vlad TV in one of their many interviews. It made it worst that Will looked completely drained and distraught during the sit down. Boosie says he looked like Jada “took all his power.” In another post, Boosie claims ‘Louisiana men will not spare yo [expletive]. The rapper also claims he was in love with Jada as a kid and would’ve done the same thing.

Rapper Daz Dillinger, a former signee to Death Row Records, claimed to have inside knowledge on relationships that Jada had in the ’90s, including one with late Kriss Kross rapper Chris Kelly. According to him, Jada was 22 at the time, while Kelly was only 15. He brought up the story around the time of August and Jada’s “Entanglement” going public. He says Jada came to the door while Daz and Kriss Kross were together. He says Kelly dipped off to “kick it” with Jada before returning. Some did not like this story and called Jada out because of the age different.

Her relationship with August did not help with this perception because while he was not underage, he was certainly way younger than her and struggling with his own issues. August was introduced to the family through their kids Willow and Jaden and had a host of health issues, both mental and physical, that Jada reportedly tried to help him with. However, their friendship escalated. Kevin Samuels feels she “preyed” on August and that many people are not seeing it for what it is because she is a woman. He asked his viewers if it had been Will Smith sleeping with one of Willow’s young [expletive] friends the conversation would be way different.

50 Cent is always going to clown the subject of today’s hottest topics, and Jada was certainly not off the list. He, like many, noted how distraught Will Smith looked during his interview with Jada. Every time Will called Jada and August’s union a “relationship,” she would correct him and call it an “entanglement.” The rapper turned TV producer also shared a screenshot of a private conversation he had with Will Smith. In the conversation, 50 Cent asked Will why Jada put their business out and then said only SHE can give permission for somebody to blow her back out.”

The moment was so viral that it was added to Uncle Murda’s 2020 Rap-up right before he retired the series. He dedicated a very lengthy verse to the pair, calling Jada’s series “Red Table Talk” a “red flag” and making light of comments she made about Will not satisfying her in the bedroom. Under a post showing the Chris Rock slap, Murda says he wants to apologize to Will Smith for including that verse in his rap-up before joking that the slap might cause him to bring the series out of retirement for 2022.

One person who had undying respect for Jada was Tupac, who reportedly was heartbroken when the actress asked him not to interact with her then-boyfriend Will Smith out of fear he might hurt him. Outlawz rapper Napolean recalls how upset Tupac was because of how much he cared for her. Will has confessed in recent years to being jealous of Jada and Pac’s relationship, while their daughter Willow has reportedly written letters to her mother’s late friend and wished he’d “come back home” when she was a child.

While some fans think Will might just need to be in the company of more toxic men like Future, the “Mask Off” rapper disagrees. In a post that said, “Will Smith need to start hanging with Future,” Future replied, “I’d rather hang with Jada #respectfully.” Does not seem like Will could be getting tips from Future anytime soon. Does Jada deserve all the energy she gets, or is she just asking for trouble with her Table Talk confessions?

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