Female Rapper Young MA, 30 Sadly Reveals She Was Hospitalized, Battling ‘Several Conditions’ Amid Health Concerns

Despite dismissing fans’ concerns earlier today and even trying to plug her merch store, Young M.A. is now opening up about her health conditions. Alarming photos from her in a before and after haircut video had many wondering if she had fallen on hard times. M.A. says she is finally on the road to recovery, but what exactly has she been battling?

The New York rap star has been quiet since her explosive debut in 2016. Young M.A.’s last release was back in October of 2022. By Christmas of last year, she was spotted in a supermarket riding an electronic wheelchair shopping cart and clutching a cane. However, it was a barber video from yesterday that had everyone alarmed. Young M.A. resembled someone who was possibly suffering from great distress as she sadly looked into the camera. The whites of her eyes appeared yellow, and she seemed to mumble to herself as the barber spun her around to reveal a fresh cut.

Many people online began to speculate she was sick, even reminding folks of how bad they felt after making fun of Chadwick Boseman. Young M.A. took to social media to repost her barber’s video and tell fans that she was fine and had not gotten a haircut in four months. However, a few hours later, she is opening up about her health issues.

Young M.A. told TMZ that her real supporters are aware that she has been having personal health issues for years. She said that a recent hospitalization resulted in some successful treatment of her ailments and that she was back on the road to recovery. “Im doing better now, will take some time, but I’m on the road to recovery and look forward to the future,” she said.

Fans in the comments showed their support. “I’m just glad she was able to get treated! I hope she recovers and gets back to good health soon!” said one supporter. Others feel she was forced into releasing a statement due to the bullying online. “I hate that y’all forced her into this; leave people alone.” Prayers up to Young M.A. and a speedy recovery.

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