Female Rapper GloRilla Responds To Viral Pregnancy Picture, Rapper Admits She Was Once Pregnant

GloRilla’s interviews and soundbites might have just eclipsed her hit songs. Despite “F.N.F” scoring her a Grammy nomination and a Cardi B assisted follow-up, it’s been her discussions and online interactions that keep people talking. The latest thing to surface has some people dragging her for the wrong reasons.

GloRilla has racked up some pretty WTF moments. This includes admitting that she did not know ham was pork, her issues keeping her underwear clean, and being taken into custody for stealing a box of cereal. Despite all of this, the rapper continues to score major wins. Just last week, she announced she would be joining some of music’s biggest stars at Coachella in April. Many people embraced Glo’s candidness, and she even found a fan in Shaq who has been trying to shoot his shot at her for weeks.

One fan tweeted under her recent single cover, “everyone originally loved GloRilla bc she’s authentic now y’all talmbout she tearing down the community by being herself. She ghetto bc she from the ghetto.” Fans in the comments felt the song, and GloRilla as a whole is just reinforcing negative stereotypes. “So many negative stereotypes in one pic,” said another person. “Black people mad about black people being black,” said another. Well, Glo’s latest moment might be even more divisive. The rapper admits to recently being pregnant but not telling anyone. Instead, she “hid” her baby until she was able to terminate the pregnancy.

The only issue, she posted a photo holding her baby bump. “Glorilla says y’all can calm down. Any baby she was carrying is long gone now 😩,” The Neighborhood Talk said in a post. GloRilla took to Facebook to question why she was trending, and when she realized why she told fans the photo was her “jp (just playing).” “Y’all slow af I was jp on dat picture. Nobody knew when I actually was pregnant till it was gone.”

People did not like how she “glorified” something “traumatic” like abortion, and felt that GloRilla should be more sensitive about something like this. “You probably should get therapy,” said one person.

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