Female Celebrities Discuss Their Journey To Discovering Self Love and Pleasure

Nothing is too taboo for our favorite stars. Some of them have no shame in letting us in on the most intimate details of their lives. This includes what they do in their private time. Several celebrity women have been open about their journey to self-love, self-pleasure, and how they were able to discover themselves along the way.

Gabrielle Union has always been an open book. The wife and mother has shared intimate details about herself for years, from infidelity in her first marriage to her struggle to carry a child and, most recently, her battle with hair loss. Gabby has spoken candidly about it all and uses her journey as a testimony to help other women. Through her various books, businesses, and interviews, Gabrielle has become a leading voice of honesty and transparency in pop culture.

Back in 2017, Gabrielle Union also opened up about how she discovered her body and began ‘pleasing’ herself at the age of five. Union says that her self-exploration came by way of a stuffed animal that she used to lay on as a child. The plush toy had a pot belly that would cause a sensation to her body whenever she would lay on it. Union says that from then on, she understood that she enjoyed the feeling and never looked back. “I just knew that it was amazing, what I was feeling was awesome, and I just kind of rolled with it to this day.”

These days Gabrielle says she has her husband to help her in that department, but she does not shy away it. “Self-love is the best love.” Although the timing of her discovery seems a bit young, the actress is not the first celebrity to open up about discovering themselves at a young age. Jada Pinkett Smith is another actress who admitted her discovery at a very young age.

Jada Pinkett-Smith has been candid about her early self-exploration as well. In fact, she credits her grandmother with teaching her about her body early. Jada said that her grandmother wanted her to understand that she was in control of her pleasure and not a man. “My grandmother taught me about self-pleasuring because she wanted me to know that that pleasure was from me,” she recalled in an episode of Red Table Talk. Jada says that she learned this lesson at nine years old. Jada admits she was so addicted to it that she did it up to five times a day at one point.

Actress Halle Berry is another female celebrity who’s been very vocal about her self discovery journey. The actress revealed years ago that she figured herself out at 11 years old. “I was diddling, and I was figuring out my [self], like most girls.” Amber Rose has also been open about it. The socialite says she does so while looking at herself in the mirror and credits her self-love regimen for her clear skin.

Rihanna seems to agree. In 2012 she declared the entire year was for women to explore themselves.

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