FBI Refuses To Provide Shanquella Robinsons Family With Autopsy, Slips Up and Reveals Case Was Closed Without Translating Documents

The family of Shanquella Robinson continues to push for answers in the mysterious death that occurred in Mexico last year. Despite believing that the United States government was doing everything it could to help bring justice, Robinson’s family attorney is now revealing some concerning “red flags” in the information being provided to them by the FBI. They now believe the FBI is withholding information and has not done their due diligence in helping the family find peace.

Shanquella Robinson died a day after arriving in Cabo San Lucas. She was there with travel companions who she was not close friends with. While those on the trip with her reported that Robinson had passed out after drinking too much, it was later revealed she died of a broken neck. A viral video leaked weeks later showing girls on the trip violently beating her up.

Despite a heavy push on social media for answers and support from both the U.S. and Mexican governments, no arrests have been made. In April, it was reported that the FBI in Shanquella’s home state of North Carolina declined to press charges. Robinson family attorney Sue-Ann Robinson calls this concerning since the FBI also revealed they had yet to translate the autopsy report conducted in Mexico.

“The FBI says we cannot release the documents [autopsy results] to you because the case is still open, because we are waiting for documents to be translated to English that we received from the Mexican authorities,” Sue-Ann Robinson told The U.S. Sun. She calls these facts extremely concerning since the FBI has already announced to the public that a decision had been made without properly translating the autopsy report.

Sue-Ann calls the “red flags and lack of transparency” concerning but believes there is still a “path to justice.” Sue-Ann also reveals that an American autopsy was conducted after Robinson’s body was already embalmed, which compromised the investigation.

The Sun reached out to the FBI for comment, but the agency pointed them toward a previously released statement that read, “As in any case, the government is prepared to review and examine new information related to the investigation should it become available.”

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