Father Of 33 Kids Go Viral, Angrily Responds To Critics Calling His Pull Out Game Weak: “I Don’t Pull Out”

A man on social media has gone viral for taking the phrase “be fruitful and multiply” and running with it. On Facebook, Demond Green uploaded a video responding to a slew of critics after photos and a status showed him with a multitude of children; all said to be his. Yet, despite the fact that he has genuinely been sewing his fertile seeds everywhere, Green insists that he is very present with each and every one of them.

There has long been a narrative that has been pushed about broken families in the Black community. However, the percentage within the Black community has varied throughout the years, with the mothers holding down the fort in most cases.  

The media hasn’t done a great job portraying/pushing certain narratives that they think should exist in the Black family. Simply turn on the Maury show, The Steve Wilkos Show, or any television show that offers paternity testing. The amount of Black men that deny their potential children is alarming.

But here we have Demond Green. A Texas man who claims to be the father of 33 children. You read that correctly. Thirty. That is not his reported age. That is the number of children that he produced.  A photo album of Green and over 20 of his children have been circulating on social media with thousands of shares. However, nine of his children are seemingly missing from the family photo. Each of his kids has a black t-shirt with the phrase “The Legacy” on them. Green, however, is wearing a shirt that says “The Legend,” holding two infants in his hand.

Not many details are available about the mothers of Demond Green’s children. But he takes the time to thank the mothers of his children present for making the photo shoot possible. Naturally, Green’s number of children has come under scrutiny from many people who came across and reshared it. Comments pushing the Texas man to “seek therapy” quickly filled the post. Others joked that Demond Green had his own NFL team or that his children were “all born one minute apart.”

Beyond the jokes, thousands of comments and shares were used to berate and criticize Demond Green for having that many children. Catching wind of the backlash, Green hopped on to Facebook to address his many detractors. He begins his Live video by stating that he is not “embarrassed” by anything seen in the photos. “Especially not my kids,” Demond Green stressed. He continued to share that he is in good financial standing while boasting that he allegedly has more money than anyone who commented or shared the photos. Green also addressed his children’s mothers, who were embarrassed as well. “These are my kids,” he said. “Take that up with you and God.”

The children all appear to be happy and healthy in the photographs. Some highlighted these moments in the comment section. For example, one person mentioned that he had “beautiful kids” while chastising those who brought negative energy to the family.   “If he’s taking care of all of them, that’s all that matters to me,” wrote another. “I’d have a lot more if I could afford them and still be able to live myself.”

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