Fans Unsubscribing From Starz After 50 Cent Announces Power Is Going On Hiatus On Network After ‘Force’ Finale

Despite his massive success with the network, rapper turned television mogul 50 Cent still seems to always find himself at odds with Starz. The TV giant helped make his Power series a huge success and spun it off into several other properties. Fans love the television property so much that when they got word they’d have to wait a few months for another season they began unsubscribing from Starz. 50 Cent took to his social media to address concerns over delays and what is actually going on behind the scenes. 

50 Cent is well aware of how successful his shows are and how important they are to the Starz network. A few weeks ago, he shared a screengrab of the Starz television shows rankings amongst black households. On the list, 50 Cent’s series occupied the three top spots. One and two were his Power spin-offs Power Book II: Ghost (season 2) and Power Book III: Raising Kanan (Season 1). The series BMF season 1 occupied the third spot. 50 was pleased with the placement and alluded in the caption to feeling untouchable as well as using the hashtag GreenlightGang. 

This obviously was a nod to things going on behind the scenes, as he recently revealed that delays in greenlighting FORCE are the reason for pushbacks of its upcoming season. 50 reposted a video of a fan complaining, saying that he will now be unsubscribing from Starz because he has nothing to watch for the next six months. In the caption, 50 Cent let fans know that despite FORCE being the highest-rated premiere of any show on their network, it came after Starz dragged their feet to approve production. 50 let fans know that they’ll need to savor these next few episodes because when the season wraps on 4/10, they won’t see anything else till October. 

“April 10 We All Canceling Starz on God πŸ˜‚” said one fan. Another said, “Well, guess after April 10 I’m canceling Starz..#ghostneverdieΒ #poweruniverse”Β  50 Cent shared another post of a man slap boxing the Starz logo, questioning them about the 6 month wait. 50 Cent laughed in the caption and apologized, saying Starz “messed up the flow. “Ain’t lying tho, I’m unsubbing until them other shows come backπŸ˜‚” fans said in the comments.Β 

Because he has so many shows on the network, for a while 50 Cent was able to dominate the airwaves keeping the seasons back to back. Fans were anticipating a new season of Raising Kanan to premier immediately after FORCE, but now they have to wait. 50 Cent did let fans know he was working and posted a picture of him and comedian Donnell Rawlings saying that they were on set filming season 2. He did not elaborate on which show, and fans flooded the comments for answers. “Season 2 of Raising Kanan or BMF??? Either way, dope. 50 really out here giving new up-and-coming actors and older actors an opportunity. πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½”

50 Cent has not been shy about being critical of the Starz network. He openly expressed his disappointment last month when the show Hightown got renewed for another season, but they had yet to greenlight his show’s follow-up seasons.Β  50’s deal with Starz ends in September and could signal a power move by the G-Unit frontman if he decides to take hisΒ Power Universe elsewhere. It is rumored that Starz wants to keep 50 onboard and with a longer contract. This new one would promise him a three-series production deal.

50 Cent is not playing when it comes to expanding his empire. Outside of his deal with Starz, he is also expanding in the world of professional sports. He inked a massive deal between the Houston Rockets and his Sire Spirits brand. Under this deal, the Rockets and Toyota Center will spotlight several of the liquors he distributes with multiple themed bars, branded luxury suites and a court-side logo boxes. He’s also the first major producer to openly endorse blackballed actress Monique. He has been pushing the narrative that he will cast her in upcoming work and has been trying to rebuild her tarnished career. Is it possible that she could star in an upcoming Starz series or Power spin-off?Β  Do you think fans are really going to cancel their memberships until the Power Universe returns this fall?Β 

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