Fans Speculate If Chrisean Rock and Blueface Got Married Yesterday After New Images Surface

Chrisean Rock and Blueface could be heading toward a reconciliation. The problematic pair have been at odds over the last few weeks, but some are speculating that they might actually have patched things up and be heading towards wedding bells soon. Let’s catch up with the duo and see if there is still any hope for them.

Blueface’s sole hit record, “Thotiana,” is deep in the back of everyone’s minds these days. The only thing people associate him with now is his extremely controversial relationship with fellow rapper and reality star Chrisean Rock. The duo are toxicity personified and have engaged in more public displays of abuse than should be allowed. However, they keep getting rewarded with airtime and social media clicks.

In recent weeks things have gone from bad to worst, as Chrisean has been seen in several physical altercations days after revealing she was pregnant.The new baby could not have come at a worst time for Chrisean and Blueface, as it seemed like they had just broken up days before. Blueface took to social media to taunt his on-again, off-again girlfriend with pictures of him getting cozy with Coi Leray. He’s also alleged that the baby is not his.

Chrisean has admitted to terminating several pregnancies over the last few weeks but has decided to keep this one despite pleas from fans to not start her family in this way. Chris does not care and has continued to post images of herself and Blueface, including a clip from their show, a music video, and a cake wishing him happy birthday. “At this point, everything must be a joke,” commented one person.

Over on his page, Blueface has not posted her much except for a clip from their interview with Jason Lee on his new series. It is not clear when the episode was filmed, but Chrisean looks inebriated, so it’s possible this was filmed before she discovered she was pregnant. “Is she drunk? I think she forgot her pregnancy storyline,” said one person. Whatever the case is, Chrisean is wasting no time securing her happily ever after.

With a baby on board, now Chrisean is looking to make things official with marriage. There are images circulating of Blueface and Chrisean Rock in wedding attire. She was recently spotted wedding dress shopping. She stopped by Anita’s Bridal Boutique in DTLA on Wednesday afternoon and reportedly told them she needed a gown by Friday. Chrisean and Blueface were last spotted fighting over the weekend, so many do not know if the couple got married or if they’re doing something for social media.

Either way, everyone is just hoping whatever they do it does not include anymore physical altercations.Blueface mother Karlissa Saffold reportedly believes that Chrisean is lying about being pregnant, calling her a “fraud” and dismissing it as “another lie.” She even challenged Chrisean to go to Planned Parenthood and take a test on IG live as proof.

On her IG story, she said, “I had a concerned nurse reach out to me that happens to be a loyal Blueface fan. Someone is lying.” She encourages fans to “see how it plays out. You never know who you’re playing with.”

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