Fans Remember Traci Braxton On Social Media, After Reality Star Passes Away At 50

Traci Braxton, the second oldest sister of the Braxton Family, has passed away at the age of 50 after battling Esophageal cancer. The news comes off as a shock to many fans and celebrities who had no idea that Traci Braxton had cancer. Traci’s husband,  Kevin Surratt informed TMZ that the family had kept the information private while his wife battled Esophageal cancer for a year. Her sisters and mother joined Traci in her final hours as she passed peacefully. 

Best known for starring in the reality star show Braxton Family Values alongside her sisters Toni, Tamar, and Towanda, Traci also had a music career. Her solo debut, ‘Crash & Burn’ was released in 2014, including her single, Last call. Traci released another album in 2018, ‘On Earth,’ which featured the single, ‘Broken things,’ the only song of hers to include Toni, Tamar, and Towanda.

Since the announcement, many fans and celebrities have turned to social media to celebrate the life of the singer and reality star. On Twitter Traci began Twitter immediately with fans posting emotional tributes to the singer in complete shock since hearing the news. “I am so emotional finding out about Traci Braxton’s death… sending love to the Braxton/Surrat families, one wrote.” 

Other fans recalled some of the most iconic moments of the Braxton Family Values with all four sisters. In one clip, the four sisters are freestyling a hilarious song about a ‘sugar daddy taking care of them’ with Tamar leading the vocals. In another video, Traci has a sit-down with her sisters thanking them individually for their strengths and how they inspire her. In the video, Traci thanks Tamar for her endurance to keep going, Toni for being the strong sister even when she doesn’t want to be, Trina for having a business mind, and Towanda for being a secret squirrel in the emotional video. 

 Back in 2018, the Braxton sisters walked away from their hit reality show over wage disputes, leaving Traci Braxton by herself to keep the show afloat. One fan, in particular, remembered Traci’s struggle with her sisters when it came to music and their reality show, The Braxton Family Values. One fan wrote,  “Traci Braxton held on to so much pain and resentment towards her sisters for abandoning her with their group. I’m glad she was able to live out her dreams and release 2 albums of her own before she departed.” 

Traci leaves behind a husband (Kevin Surratt), son (Kevin Surratt Jr., sisters (Toni Braxton, Tamar Braxton, Towanda Braxton), one brother (Michael Braxton Jr.) and her mother, Evelyn Jackson. Traci Braxton will be missed. 

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