Fans Can Forget About The Possibility Of White Chicks 2, After the First Movie Nearly Cost Shawn and Marlon Wayans Their Lives

The Wayans Brothers have some very popular films. Several of which they’ve even turned into franchises, like Scary Movie and Haunted House. However, the one movie fans have been asking for a sequel of is White Chicks. The comedy film is iconic and has had people begging the brothers to return to the Hamptons for another story. Here’s why we’ll probably never get another White Chicks

The Story Behind White Chicks

Under a picture of himself and Paris Hilton, Marlon Wayans explained how the height of Hilton’s initial popularity influenced him and his brother to write a movie about the OG ‘White Chicks.’ Paris and her sister Nicole Hilton became tabloid mainstays because of their excessive lifestyles and “dumb blonde” personas in the early ’00s.

Shawn Wayans thought it would be an amazing idea to spoof the sisters and called up Marlon at 3 am with his pitch. Marlon thought he was on drugs, but the next day Shawn came over with a magazine that had the sisters on the cover and told Marlon they should play women like them.  The siblings got to work writing and pitched it to their older brother and producer Keenan Ivory Wayans who immediately loved the idea. Shawn and Marlon had to work hard to get the film green-lit however, as Keenan kept asking for rewrites until he felt they got the film just right.  White Chicks hit theaters on June 23rd, 2004. 

White Chicks Went On To Gross $113.1 million Worldwide

Upon release, White Chicks was not a hit with critics, but fans ate it up. It grossed $19.7 million in its opening week and came in the number 2 spot. It finished with $70.8 million at the box office in the US, and $42.3 million in other countries, for a worldwide total of $113.1 million against its budget of $37 million. 

Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 15% rating, with many criticizing the film upon its release. The New York Times said it would require a “Full frontal lobotomy” to be able to suspend your belief enough to follow the story. Others ranked it as the worst film of 2004, referring to some of its redeemable parts as “shameful giggles.”  In the years since its release, it has become very popular, gaining a cult-like following from fans, who have been begging the brothers to revisit the film. 

Marlon Wayans Committed To White Chicks 2

Naturally, the Wayans Brothers began to entertain the idea of making a sequel. In 2009, Sony reportedly committed to the follow-up and had begun working on gathering the actors and getting a script.  Marlon talked about the sequel again in 2014 and then again in 2018. Terry Crews confirmed plans to return as well during an episode of Watch What Happens Live. Wayans eventually revealed that they were still waiting for official confirmation and that nothing had been officially set in stone. 

While promoting the Aretha Franklin biopic “Respect,” Marlon Wayans was questioned about “White Chicks” again. At the time, he alluded to really wanting to do it and feeling like the climate was perfect for a follow-up due to current events in the world with racial injustice and white women getting a bad rep for being “Karens.” Wayans felt like revisiting the characters would help people loosen up a bit and says that Hollywood does not understand how powerful a film like White Chicks 2 would be. “And the world just keeps giving us more,” Marlon told Variety last year. “‘White Chicks 2’ is writing itself.”

Fans Have Been Waiting For White Chicks 2

Marlon Wayans has changed his tune coming into 2022. While fans were beginning to express their excitement at the news we could finally be getting a White Chicks 2, he dashed their dreams and confessed that the first one was simply too much work and almost killed him and Shawn.  The actor reminded fans that it took him and his brother 7 hours to get into hair and make-up. They would then shoot for 14 hours straight, followed by another hour just to get the make-up off. At one point, they were only sleeping about 2 hours a day for 65 days straight just to get all the filming wrapped on time. Marlon says that until they can CGI him and Shawn to be white women, he prefers to just play a regular black man. 

Fans took to Twitter to express their frustration with the conflicting reports and express their desire to see White Chicks 2 no matter what it takes. “So it was cap. White Chicks 2 ain’t ever happening,” said one fan. “I’m kinda sad that there will never be a WHITE CHICKS 2 that movie was HELLAAA funny.” 

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