Faith Evans Reveals Missy Elliot Was The Person Who Told Her Where To Find Lil Kim

Faith Evans and Lil Kim have a complicated history.

The R&B diva and rap legend were both in love with the late Notorious B.I.G. While he was dating and writing bars for Kim, he would eventually marry and have children with Faith. Both women were heavily associated with Bad Boy Records too, making it hard for them to avoid each other.

Faith Evans and Lil Kim’s longstanding beef has been documented and followed for many years. In 1994, Faith Evans married the late Notorious BIG six weeks after the two met. Faith Evans contributes the quick marriage to them being young and being in love.

“We just weren’t thinking and moving fast and we knew we were in love and he said I wanna marry you,” Faith stated. The couple remained married until Biggie’s untimely passing in 1997. Unfortunately, Notorious B.I.G. was known to be a lady’s man, which kept Faith Evans constantly battling women.

During the premiere of Centric’s show ‘Being,’ Faith Evans shared a story about the time she caught Biggie in the act. Faith Evans also sat down with VLAD and discussed the many issues she’s had with Biggie.

While the details of Biggie’s extramarital situations have remained private, one person is very well known. Faith Evans details a time when she was eager to meet up with Lil Kim. Before finding out about Kim, Faith admits to actually being a fan of her. Because of this, she was really hurt by Lil Kim and Biggie.

In her memoirs, Keep The Faith, she opens up about how Missy Elliott helped make her meet up with Lil Kim possible. While working out of Diddy’s studio in New York, Elliott ran into Lil Kim and contact Faith Evans. The R&B singer eventually made it to the studio, which led to Faith Evan attacking Lil Kim. Today, the two women are closer than ever.

Lil Kim and Faith Evans collaborated on a duets album dedicated to Notorious BIG.

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