Everything We Know About Nicole L. Linton, The Windsor Hills Driver

Nicole Lorraine Linton’s life and reputation are sure to be dramatically altered after the tragedy that occurred on August 4th in Los Angeles. The Houston native is currently in custody for tragically ending the lives of multiple people while behind the wheel. Linton awaits her fate as she’s been charged with six counts. But what was life like for her before this horrific catastrophe?

Thirty-seven-year-old Nicole L. Linton seemed to want to achieve greatness with her healthcare career. According to her LinkedIn profile, she journeys from “state to state to expand [her] skills as an ICU nurse.” She first started in Marketing, utilizing the Bachelor’s Degree she acquired from studies at Howard University. Next, Linton began working as a Regional Management summer intern at Ford Motor Company for four months

Nicole L. Linton then continued work in the marketing field at various companies. She worked as a District Sales Manager for General Motors in Somers, New York, for almost two years. But after leaving that position in 2009, it appears that Linton began to transition into the medical field. In March of 2010, Nicole L. Linton took a job as an extern at the NYU Langone Medical Center for a little over a year. However, it appears that she would relocate to Texas to further her work in healthcare. Linton pursued further studies at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Registered Nursing. She later received a Doctor of Nursing Practice, Nurse Anesthetist.

Nicole L. Linton began work as a Cardiovascular ICU Registered Nurse at CHI St. Luke’s Health in Houston in 2016. She then worked as a Neurosurgery ICU Registered Nurse at Houston Methodist for two years before transitioning to a Surgical and Liver Transplant ICU Registered Nurse. Then in 2020, Nicole L. Linton began to work as a traveling ICU registered nurse for the RNnetwork. Through the agency, she traveled to hospitals in Maryland and North Carolina to provide ICU services. Then, Linton began working with AMN Healthcare, where she is currently employed. Through this agency, she traveled to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta as well as Kaiser Permanente in West Los Angeles.

It appears that Nicole L. Linton may have been in Los Angeles for work when the horrifying incident occurred in Windsor Hills. But this is not the first car accident that she’s been involved in. According to the Los Angeles Times, Linton has been tied to a whopping 13 vehicular crashes.   The Times obtained records from California Highway Patrol investigators that show the string of reckless driving that Linton has been involved in. However, they do not go into details about the previous incidents. But the Daily Mail has reported on two additional car accidents involving Nicole L. Linton. Both incidents occurred in Texas, the first in 2013 and the second in 2016.

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