Erykah Badu Reveals New Relationship

Erykah Badu knows a thing or two about love. The R&B icon has a catalog full of love songs connected to her various high-profile relationship. Badu is a lover, and the “Honey” hit marker has a new man she is looking to celebrate. Before we get into her new beau, let’s take a look at the men lucky enough to court the eccentric superstar and their fascinating histories.

Erykah Badu was first linked to Outkast superstar Andre 3000. Badu and the “Hey Ya” hitmaker were a match made in 90’s hipster heaven. Erykah and Andre are rumored to have met sometime between 1995 and 1996, connecting after listening to her hit single “On and On” together with one evening at a club. Their relationship quickly blossomed, and the “Hello” duo quickly welcomed their first child together.

Seven was born in 1998. Unfortunately, mom and dad were already over at that point. Badu and 3000 went their separate ways, and AndrĂ© 3000 famously wrote the hit Outkast single “Mrs. Jackson” about having to tell Erykah Badu’s mother about their split. They seem to have found a way to raise their son amicably over the years and continue to collaborate on music and show each other love. The proud pair did so well with their son that he got accepted into four colleges back in 2016.

Badu would go on to date another rapper, something that seemed like a theme for her. She and Chicago MC Common would become an item shortly afterward. Their union would spawn the single “Love of My Life (Ode to Hip-Hop),” a signature song for the two. The union lasted for about two years between 2000 and 2002. Common has gone on record to say that this break-up was particularly hard for him, as he could not even for several days after they split. Common recalls Badu was his first open and flowing relationship, and while no one was at fault for the split, he was still devastated.

The D.O.C. and Badu would fall in love in the early 2000s. Badu and D.O.C. share a daughter named Puma. While the pair did not last long, they’ve done an exceptional job co-parenting. Last year for Puma’s 16th birthday, they took to social media to shower her with love and well wishes. D.O.C. shouted out out his baby mother, saying that his daughter is an exceptional woman because of her mother.

Puma is a bit of a star in her own right and has become popular on social media for her good looks and beautiful vocals. A courtship with Jay Electronica would follow. Erykah Badu and Electronica dated from 2004 to 2009 and share one kid together, Mars Mekeba. While things seem ok between the two now, it has been rumored that Jay Elec was incredibly overprotective of Badu, even treating her like property during their love affair. She joked once on social media that she had a restraining over out against him.

Badu recently did a profile for Rolling Stone where she talked to Summer Walker and discussed her love for her exes and the fathers of her children. Badu sang Andre 3000’s praises, saying he is one of her best friends on the planet. She expressed similar sentiments about D.O.C. over the years as well.

Badu’s newest love is also her youngest. The mother of three, who has never been married, took to social media today to commemorate her romance to JaRon The Secret. JaRon’s Instagram lists him as Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Artist, Songwriter, Author. ON JaRon’s page, you can see several posts of him on tour with his lady, as well as pics of him and Badu getting cozy. JaRon is 27 years old and 23 years Badu’s junior.

On her own page, Badu shouts out her new bae in a heartfelt post filled with pictures of the two. “Solar Eclipse Dump,” she captioned the ten photos. “Making room for many, many, many more memories,” she continued. In the “dump,” photos of Badu and JaRon smiling and nestled close together end with a photo of their hands wearing matching green rings. Following her Instagram post, Badu took to Twitter taking aim at the different blogs referring to her age while announcing her new relationship.

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