Entertainment Tonight Obtains Audio Footage Of Offset and Quavo’s Altercation At The Grammys

Last night’s Grammy awards brought with it many incredible moments. From Beyonce becoming the most decorated artist in the show’s history to major wins from Lizzo and newcomer Samara Joy. The night also saw Quavo take the stage with a tribute to TakeOff. The tender moment still had many wondering why Offset did not take the stage as well. TMZ reports the two actually came to blows over the performance backstage.

Quavo and TakeOff were together on the evening of his passing. The uncle and nephew duo were busy promoting their joint album Only Built for Infinity Links, their first project sans Offset. While it is not entirely clear why Offset, Quavo, and TakeOff had a falling out, many report it had to do with an affair Offset had with Saweetie. Others say it was over label issues, with it being reported that Offset has been actively trying to get out of his deal with Quality Control, where all three were signed.

Offset claims to have purchased the rights to his solo material in 2021, while label head Pierre Thomas says that is not the case. The company tried to claim ownership over his solo single “5,4,3,2,1” last summer. When he desputed their rights to it in a lawsuit, they fired back, saying, “Not only are the accusations in this lawsuit false, they are totally detached from reality. Offset remains a part of QC. Back to business.” Offset also claims he was blackballed by QC and had no contact with them for over two years.

Whatever issues exist with the label, fans do not seem to care and just want to see Offset and Quavo on stage together. The former band members have been grieving separately on social media and have not appeared together at all. Even at the funeral, they did not seem to interact.

Quavo released a song in honor of TakeOff called “Without You.” He wore a mask and performed seated during this year’s Grammy ceremony solo with the help of a choir. “I’ll see you in heaven,” he crooned. He performed to an empty chair and then later held up TakeOff’s chain while an image of him came up on the screen behind the performers. TMZ reports that Quavo “blocked” Offset from joining him for the song. As a result, the men are said to have come to blows backstage and had to be pulled off of each other following the performance. They also claimed their “sources” pegged Quavo as the one who started the fight.

They also shared a video of the two men fighting. One person took to Twitter and commented, “Quavo having more smoke for Offset than the people responsible is very weird.” Another person said, “Offset deserved to be part of the tribute just as much as Quavo. So I don’t understand where Quavo’s entitlement to being the sole performer of Take’s tribute is coming from….”Regardless of TMZ dropping the story, Offset took to Twitter to let fans know that no fight took place. “What tf [I] look like fighting my brother,” he tweeted this morning.

Well now it looks like video has surfaced from the altercation between Offset and Quavo. In the video which was taken backstage at the Grammy’s you can hear an irate Cardi B yelling at both Quavo and Offset telling both men they were wrong. “Both of y’all wrong. This is not right.” The video which appears to be the aftermath of the incident was obtained by Entertainment Tonight and shared on Baller Alert,

Fans disagreed with the media outlet for sharing family issues. “Man stay out of peoples family business. Don’t y’all know family will turn around and jump you even when they feuding,” one fan stated. They also agreed with Offset initially attempting to keep matters private. Unfortunately in today’s society there’s always a camera rolling. While Offset attempted to get in front of the story, Quavo has not responded.

Cardi B was praised for the way she attempted to keep the peace. “Cardi real, keep family business private,” one fan stated.

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