Elvis Presley Trending As People Believe The Singer Should Be Held To The Same Standard As R. Kelly

Elvis Presley was mostly known for making hit records and his talent. However, today people questioning things about the singer that possibly uncheck. Often times the singer is compared to R. Kelly for many reasons. We can start with the idea that both singers were one of the biggest artists in their prime. Elvis had countless hits. From 1956 to 1977, the artist released over 20 studio albums and appeared in over 30 film and television projects. Projects include Love Me Tender, Jailhouse Rock, G.I. Blues, Wild in the Country and Blue Hawaii to name a few.

R. Kelly on the other hand, not only had multiple hit singles. The singer created multiple hit albums and wrote some of the biggest songs in the world for other artists including. While the singer has not had the level of success in film and television as Elvis, R. Kelly is known as one of the greatest R&B artists ever. At one point, R. Kelly was called the Pied Piper of R&B because he would use his music to somewhat hypnotize people with his music.

While both men have been praised for their musicality, R. Kelly’s legacy has been tarnished by things that have surfaced from his personal life. This week on twitter and across social media, fans are comparing Elvis’ personal life to R. Kelly suggesting both artists should be held to the same standard. The only difference is – Elvis is no longer here to speak up for himself. As a matter of fact Elvis has been gone since 1977. At the time of his passing, Elvis was known as the King Of Rock and Roll and continues to carry that title.

Several other celebrities have spoken out and wondered why this is the case. K. Michelle is one of many who have questioned why Kelly has been treated differently from Elvis. Uncle Murda has also chimed in on it. Despite this debate going on for years, R. Kelly never spoke on it or paid it any mind.

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