Elmo Refuses Picture With Little Girl and Instantly Regrets It

There’s been an ongoing to trend of seasame street characters refusing to engage with black children. 

Unfortunately, this Elmo didn’t get off scot-free like the other characters and this guardian took matters into his own after Elmo blatantly ignored his girlfriend’s daughter. 

This is similar to the situation that occured at Seasame Place last year when Rosita was filmed engaging and hi-fiving lilttle white girls while completely ignoring two black girls. Unforunately for Elmo, things turned out completely different. 

In the video, the father can be seen trying to get Elmo’s attention multiple times. Eventually, A frustrated Elmo decides to push the father and things went left for the mascot. 

After the father got Elmo down to the ground, The man placed the street performer in a full nelson and made him take the picture with the little girl. Even he told the little girl to give Elmo a huge while taking the picture. No word if charges were filed against either individual but the little girl seemed to be happy to get her picture. 

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