“Eddie Is A Nut”: Malcolm Jamal Warner Claim He Was Miserable Working On ‘Malcolm & Eddie’ With Eddie Griffin

Malcolm Jamal Warner is opening up about his time shooting the series Malcolm and Eddie. The Cosby Show alumni reveals that the show was plagued with issues between him and his costar Eddie Griffin. During a recent discussion with Toure, he dissected their problems and how the duo eventually reconciled years after the show went off the air.

Airing in 1996, Malcolm and Eddie was your typically odd couple series. The pair played polar opposite best friends working their way through life. They are coworkers and roommates “struggling not to kill each other,” according to the program’s official synopsis.

In real life, their dynamic was exactly the same. Malcolm revealed to Toure that it was a “miserable experience” working with Eddie during their four-season run. Malcolm called Eddie a “nut job” and confirmed that he frequently showed up for work late and was really difficult to be around, causing issues for everyone. Despite this, the men were pushing to get to 100 episodes so that they could enjoy syndication. Malcolm reveals that between Eddie’s issues and his fight with the show’s writers to give them better content, they ultimately didn’t make it. Their final episode aired on May 22, 2000.

Malcolm says that these days he and Eddie have their own versions of what happened, but they have buried the hatchet over the years. “We’re cool as f*** now,” he confirmed. These days Malcolm stars on Fox’s The Resident. Eddie Griffin is still doing stand-up and had a small role in 2018’s A Star is Born.

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