Dwight Howard Reveals His Mother Loss Seven Children Before Having Him

Dwight Howard is a world-famous basketball star. The 6’10 athlete has played for some of the best teams in the National Basketball League before shifting to Taiwanese professional basketball team Taoyuan Leopards in 2022. He has been using his social media as a way to connect more with his 3.2 million followers and recently opened up about his mother’s past and why he tries to stay so bubbly and positive.

Dwight Howard seems like a fun guy. One glance at his social media, and he looks like he is constantly on the go and enjoying life. In a recent post, he can be seen getting interviewed by Kevin Hart in a tub full of ice-cold water. The guys struggle to submerge themselves in the freezing water while Kevin asks Howard a series of fun questions. They did a dunk contest and laughed as crew members brought out snakes, basketballs, and even more ice. “We had an amazing conversation and cleared up a lot of things while having a lot of fun 😂💪🏾,” Dwight said in his caption.

In other posts, he jokes about his rivalry with Shaq and poses it up with Post Malone. He also gave his mom a massive birthday shoutout back in November. In a photo album that includes him and his mom making silly faces, Howard praised the women who gave him life, saying, “I need everyone to stop right now. Whatever you doing. And give a biggggg shoutout to my beautiful beautiful mother.” He calls his mother a queen and thanks her for all she’s given him. He calls himself her “miracle baby” and says, “You have filled my heart with so much love. And I appreciate you and give you all my adoration. Thank you for always believing in me.”

Dwight is not kidding; he is, in fact, a miracle child. During a recent IG live, he told fans that they needed to believe in themselves more and be their own testimony. He encouraged everyone that miracles are possible before revealing that his mother had seven miscarriages before having him. “Your blessings will come. I am a living testimony of it,” he says in the video. He calls himself a living example before going into the story of his mother and her many failed pregnancies.

“She lost seven kids before I came, and that hurt her a lot. Just to go through the pain and the suffering and the hurt that losing a kid causes a parent. My mom went through that.” He said she birthed some beautiful kids after losing some. “All of us has to go through a process. Every single one of us. It’s okay when you go through that process. You don’t have to worry about anyone’s feelings or thoughts; it’s your process.”

Dwight has spoken about this before. Back in 2014, he attributed his mother’s experience to his wonderful attitude. Howard had a reputation for joking and chatting with press even after bad games. For a while, this directly went against the much more serious culture of the Lakers, but Howard eventually found more support on other teams who encouraged his good energy.

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