Drew Sidora Describes Ralph Pittman As The Man Of Her Dream, But Now She Always Feels Like They’re On The Brink Of Divorce

No marriage is perfect. This is evident in Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman’s union.

What started out as a beautiful redemption to love for the Real Housewives of Atlanta star has seemingly turned into constant turmoil for the couple. Things appear to be so bad that Drew Sidora now believes divorce could be imminent for the pair.

Drew Sidora’s Marriage To Ralph Pittman

The Pittmans’ love story began in 2013 while Drew Sidora was promoting the critically acclaimed television film rCrazySexyCool: A TLC Story. The actress had recently experienced heartbreak from a relationship that soured right before reaching the point of marriage. However, she shares a son named Josiah with her former fiancee.Drew Sidora described her first encounter with who she described as the “man of her dreams” that would forever change her life with PEOPLEAccording to Sidora, the two happened upon one another in a fairy-tale-like manner while in Los Angeles. As she drove to her hotel with her sister and son, they saw Pittman, and she was immediately attracted. When her then two-year-old got out of the car, he ran after his football that “went rolling.” Pittman retrieved the football and brought it back to Josiah, apparently unknowing of Sidora’s presence. However, she watched the whole ordeal.

Following the exchange, Drew Sidora took Pittman’s phone number. But there would be no physical contact until months later when she came back to LA. Sidora explained to PEOPLE that in a manner of 12 hours, the phrase “the rest is history” came into play. The couple got engaged three months later and did not waste any time getting married. Two months after getting engaged, they had a sunset beach wedding.

Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman Joined RHOA Season 13 

Six years after exchanging vows and two children later, the couple’s lives started to receive much more exposure due to Drew Sidora joining the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta. However, it was clear upon their introduction to the series that the couple’s marriage was definitely not a bed of roses. In fact, their shrub of roses still had its thorns intact. Drew Sidora spoke with E! News, where she explained the state of their marriage at the time. According to Sidora, they had a major “blow-up” that caused him to leave their house for “three days.” But, of course, quarantine didn’t help things either, as it proved to be somewhat of a stressful time for many couples.

On top of their own issues, Drew Sidora faced other drama in the series. For instance, the reality star decided to get cosmetic surgery, or what she calls a “mommy makeover,” because of health issues and body-shaming comments from castmate Kenya Moore. Sidora’s time with Moore on the show hasn’t been considered pleasant either.   Ralph Pittman also was unexpectedly brought into drama after rumors that he was gay were brought into play by Sheree Whitfield and her assistant. So naturally, this would cause a massive argument between the two cast members.

Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman Have Been In Counseling Their Whole Marriage

Due to all of the hardships and arguments the couple has faced, they decided to go to couples counseling. Both have expressed their need and commitment to fixing their marriage. Drew Sidora and Ralph Pittman have been seen in conflict several times on the show. On one occasion, Pittman abruptly announced that he would be traveling to Tampa alone, causing a problem between the two. His relationship with his assistant has also come into question. Their issues have spilled over into the group setting. Even Kenya Moore had to step in Drew Sidora’s defense one time.

Drew Sidora Always Feels Like They’re About To Get Divorced

While the couple is still together and attempting to work things out, Sidora recently admitted that she feels they are close to the end. In an interview with Us Weekly, the reality star confessed that they have “been in counseling their whole marriage” and are still doing so. “That’s nothing new,” Drew Sidora said. However, she also expressed that it is definitely hard to “relive” the moments they’ve gone through on camera.  

Things have gotten so hard within their marriage that Sidora, at one point, uprooted their children and relocated to Chicago. According to the Line Sisters star, it “always feels like they’re about to get divorced.” But at the “essence” of their marriage, she proclaims that they will never give up. The couple equally share in the damages they bring to their union, and she states that they must “regroup” in order to “figure out what to do moving forward.” “That’s the journey that we’re on every day. Honestly,” said Drew Sidora.

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