Doja Cat Shows Fans She’s More Than Just A Music Artist With Her Latest TikTok Video

Doja Cat knows how to make a viral moment. The “Say So” hitmaker has been having a blast trolling fans online and playing around with fashion. Her latest look might not be making the cover of Vogue, but it certainly has tongues wagging. Doja showed off her skills pantless on a recent TikTok live.

Doja Cat’s journey in the public eye has been really unique. Despite being a popular artist under the radar for a few years, it was not until she went viral with the record “Mooooo!” that people began to pay attention. The ridiculous song that she recorded and shot by herself at home put her right into the forefront, with everyone eager to see what she would do next. Her mastery of social media proved to be her secret weapon, as single “Say So” would become one of TikTok’s first crossover successes. Since then, Doja has been at the center of several challenges and viral moments.

Her song “Streets” would be the soundtrack to the “silhouette” challenge, which was performed by everyone. She would incorporate the red lights into the songs accompanied video starring “Girls Trip” heartthrob Kofi Siriboe. Doja keeps fans pretty entertained on TikTok’s Live feature as well. Usually, you can tune in on her doing her make-up, making music, or doing something silly. It was during one of these Lives that Doja shaved her hair and eyebrows. The singer then popped up at fashion week rocking some insane looks, from a cow-inspired make-up moment to her most recent all-red crystal look. Doja has painted herself completely gold as well.

Doja recently did a spread for Variety where she described her current creative flow as her “balls to the wall” era. The Grammy winner says that she enjoys entertaining internet trolls and feeding into their taunts. “I’ve been on the internet for 1,000 years, and it’s just part of me: that I need to respond. People think, ‘Oh if you’re defending yourself, you’re weak.'” However, Doja says it in these moments when she has the most fun. “It’s fun for me. I’m a very messy [expletive].

In the accompanied photos, Doja dons some matrix vibes, rocking oversized leather jackets with slick black hair and pencil-thin eyebrows. Doja talks about how people criticized her for not rocking eyelashes at a recent fashion show, so the next day she wore only eyelashes as a mustache and gotee. Doja’s DGAF energy can be seen in several recent viral clips. She is currently trending thanks to an impromptu pole dance in the middle of her living room.

While the star is known for being sexy, this video is aimed at being silly instead. While rocking a blue bonnet, white t-shirt, and no pants, Doja hilariously spins around in circles making eye contact with the camera. Fans who get her humor immediately chimed in on the clip, saying things like “Rotisserie chicken be like,” or “YAS AMARA, SLAY👏.” She’s also enjoyed feeding into rumors that she has joined the Illuminati, so fans said, “Humiliation ritual?” and “ILLUMINATI 🔼 👁️ help 😭.”

Check out the video above and let us know what you think.

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