DMX Fiancee, Desiree Lindstrom On Life Raising Exodus As A Single Parent

DMX’s passing devasted fans of the Yonkers-born rapper. He left in his wake a legion of devotee followers, friends, and a family that included 15 children. He was also engaged at his time of death with Desiree Lindstrom. The pair shared one child together, son Exodus, with whom DMX seemed really close. Let’s dive into their relationship and what life for Exodus is like now that his daddy is gone.

DMX has children ranging from the ages of 2 years old up to 28 years old with various different women. He was married one time before getting engaged to Lindstrom who he met in Arizona 10 years ago. Exodus and his mother Desiree seemed to be X’s closest relationship due to their engagement and how often X posted his son Exodus online. Last year Desiree opened up about how lonely the holidays have been since DMX’s passed.

Things are especially tough for Exodus because the young man has a chronic illness and is battling stage three kidney disease. Desiree says that they have to make frequent trips to the doctor to ensure that Exodus levels are stable. Despite his condition, the boy is a bright young man who comforts his mother often in her moments of sadness. Desiree says that her son Exodus talks about his father often and tells his mother that “daddy is with God.”

During a heartbreaking interview with Complex, Desiree did open up about the times Exodus is not so strong and misses his daddy. She said in an IG story that her son has asked when they could visit daddy and God in heaven. She tearfully talked about their visits to the cemetery and how Exodus does not understand that he cannot go to heaven.

On her Instagram, she frequently posts side-by-sides of her son and DMX. In one post, you see them both drawing on the wall with the caption, “@exodus_simmons1 Proud and blessed to be your mother. You fill me with joy. On this day, you showed them all how bright and creative you are.”

Exodus has his own IG page monitored by his mom, where he posts selfies and silly videos. For DMX’s birthday in December, they shared a picture of him holding his son’s hand, saying, “Happy Birthday, Daddy!!! Momma and I love you and miss you❤️❤️.”

Back in 2017, X served a year in jail due to tax evasion. The day he got out, he posted a picture with Desiree and Exodus celebrating his freedom. A smiling X held Exodus close while mom stood beside them. They all appeared really happy to be reunited.

Exodus was also recorded singing to his daddy back in 2022. X claimed his boy would be a massive star someday. Smiling from the backseat of the car, he sang an unknown song while smiling at the camera. Desiree opened up with Fox 5 following DMX’s passing to express how she has been struggling to gain rights to his estate following his loss and was denied common-law status after petitioning the courts. His estate is still up in the air with everyone fighting for rights. DMX did not leave a will and had plans to marry Lindstrom, telling her to pick out a wedding dress a week before he passed for a surprise wedding while they were on vacation.

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