DL Hughley Once Made A Promise To Protect His Daughter Ryan Shepard , Now She’s Protecting Him and Calling Out Mo’Nique

D. L. Hughley may be known to the world as an actor, a stand-up comedian, radio personality, and entertainer. But to Tyler Whitney Hughley, Kyle Aaris Hughley, and Ryan Nicole Shepherd, he’s known as “dad.” Hughley often boasts about how he’s proud and amazed by his three children, and in turn, they return the love. No amount of success has compared to the time he’s spent raising and pouring into his children. So amid his drama with comedian Mo’Nique, it’s no wonder that they would stand up for their father.

Who Is DL Hughley’s Daughter, Ryan Shepard?

D. L. Hughley and his wife, LaDonna, gave birth to their firstborn daughter, Ryan Nicole Hughley, in 1987. She is now the founder of Brown Sugar and Bourbondescribed as a “food and lifestyle blog where like-minded women can gather to fellowship over their shared life experiences, love for strong cocktails [and], of course, delicious food.”

The one time Dancing With the Stars contestant recalled on OWN’s Where Are They Now how times were rough when she was conceived. According to Hughley, he and his wife had just married and lived in a small California apartment. At the time, he was employed as a telephone sales rep, pulling in minimum wages. However, he worked extremely hard to ensure that his family would be taken care of. 

Hughley remembered a moment when his wife was pregnant with their second child when he returned home from a hospital visit with a young Ryan to find their lights cut off. As he fed a joyful Ryan by candlelight, he promised to “never put her in this situation again.”

In 2019, Ryan Nicole Hughley became Ryan Nicole Shepherd after exchanging marital vows with her now-husband, Alejandro Gilberto Calderon Shepard. The two got married in a lavish, New Orleans-themed wedding in Los Angeles, with D. L. Hughley on hand to walk her down the aisle.

Kyle Hughley Is DL Hughley’s Second Born and Only Son

The year after Ryan was born, the Hughleys were blessed with their only son. Kyle Aaris Hughley was born in 1988. At a young age, he was diagnosed with a form of autism named Asperger’s syndrome. But Kyle grew up to accomplish many things, including a college degree and a few acting roles.  

D. L. Hughley often speaks highly of his son, calling him a “fine example of a young man, regardless of his personal challenges.” The comedian shared that he first felt “guilty” when hearing of his diagnosis because he didn’t feel as though he was “deserving” enough to be Kyle’s father. However, he stated that he is blessed to be chosen as his father.

Tyler Whitney Hughley Is DL Hughley’s Third Born and Youngest Daughter

Hughley’s youngest and final child with wife LaDonna is Tyler Whitney Hughley. Born in 1991, Tyler is now a DJ and producer. In 2017, she began to date a woman named Alex Phillips.

D. L. Hughley confessed in a VLAD TV interview that he had no idea that his daughter was a lesbian when she told him but was not shocked. However, he shared that he was hurt that she felt afraid to reveal her sexuality to him. However, he stated that he wants Tyler to always be able to consider him as her best friend.

Mo’Nique Resurfaced Tyler’s Terrible Experience On Instagram 

Mo’Nique has been involved in a torrid back and forth with D. L. Hughley for the last week. But the commentary crossed over into disrespectful realms when the comedian began to resurface traumatic events in the lives of D. L. Hughley’s family.  

Most recently, she highlighted a horrific moment that occurred in Tyler Whitney’s teenage years. While labeling Hughley a “coward,” Mo’Nique questioned why he would call out everyone else for their problems but “not the name of the person that violated his daughter.”

Ryan Shepard Called Out Mo’Nique For Disrespecting Her Mother and Her Sister, Tyler Hughley.

Perhaps tired of the disrespect towards her family, his eldest daughter has entered the chat. Ryan Shepherd addressed Mo’Nique in a lengthy Instagram comment for using both her mother and younger sister as pawns in her attacks on her father.  

“Using my mama and my sister to show people my father’s character only shows how little mental stability, dignity, morality, and respect you have not only for yourself but other Black women,” wrote Ryan Shepherd. She continued imploring the comedian to resist speaking about her family in the future as she doesn’t want to see them act “out of character.” Ryan closed her message offering to meet Mo’Nique face to face. DL’s eldest daughter also offered to send the comedian her address.

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