DL Hughley and Kanye West Have Feud For Years, But Even The Comedian Believes Pete Davidson Is ‘Out Of Pocket’ For New Tattoo

Billionaire entrepreneur and rapper Kanye West once lived out the dream he always envisioned for himself when he married his estranged wife, then-Kim Kardashian West. But the former couple is now on the path to divorce. Both have moved on since the announcement, although the divorce has yet to be finalized. However, some things have arisen within this process of them moving on that have been considered a bit disrespectful by some, including DL Hughley, with whom Kanye West has been feuding.

Kanye West Is Currently In A Relationship With Chaney Jones

Who would have guessed that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian would have split? Actually, quite a lot of people predicted the fate of their marriage. But following their split, the former Presidential candidate reportedly entered a relationship with Russian model Irina Shayk. This also happens to be actor Bradley Cooper’s ex, with whom she shares a child.

TMZ first reported the news in June of 2021, stating that they were “100% romantically together. However, that romance was short-lived. According to PEOPLEin August of 2021, the couple decided to call it quits. Now that that relationship had dissolved, it was diminished to something that “was never serious,” according to a statement released to the publication. But they “remained friendly.” The “Life Of The Party” rapper was also briefly linked to a woman named Venetria. Other outlets also reported that Kanye West was dating a woman named Yasmine Lopez.  

But in January of this year, Kanye West entered a highly publicized relationship with Screen Gems actress Julia Fox. According to Fox’s account for Interview Magazine, they met in Miami on New Year’s Eve and continued their swift romance and connection.  But what looked to be a promising relationship between the two turned out to be relatively short-lived. One of her reps confirmed the split to Page Six, relating that they remained “good friends” but are “no longer together.”

However, Kanye West is reportedly dating a model named Chaney Jones. According to US Magazine, the pair met while he was linked to Julia Fox but did not begin to spark til later. However, many noticed the comparison in looks that the model had to his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. Jones also began to post little hints on her social media that would appear to confirm that they are actively dating.

Kim Kardashian’s Relationship With Pete Davidson

Since their relationship ended, Kim Kardashian has stuck to one man. After many outlets noticed that she was with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, they finally confirmed that they were together. They began their relationship in 2021, even sharing a steamy kiss when she guest hosted on SNL in October.

Multiple media outlets began to notice subtle changes in both of them. From hickey’s on Kim’s neck to not-so-subtle outings like vacationing in the Bahamas. During a February 2022 chat with PEOPLE, Pete Davidson slyly mentioned that he was indeed dating Kim Kardashian.   “I just either hang with my friends or chill with my girlfriend inside,” the comedian said. The couple later made it Instagram official with a post from Kim Kardashian, which seemingly took shots at her estranged husband. In the photo, she wore a jacket that West bought for her.  

Kanye West Erratic Behavior Towards Kim and Pete

While Kanye West moved on with his relationships, Kim Kardashian wished him the best as she also moved on. However, West did not seem to take her relationship with Pete Davidson too kindly. What would soon follow was what felt like a smear campaign on social media. The behavior got so intense that Instagram had to place a temporary ban on him for 24 hours.   The rapper engaged in bullying Pete Davidson for their new relationship, calling him various names and shooting what appeared to be threats even in his music videos. West was also enraged because he felt Davidson was infiltrating his relationship with his children, a claim that Kardashian vehemently denies.

DL Hughley Has Called Out Kanye West Behavior Towards Kim

Oddly enough, comedians like Trevor Noah and DL Hughley appeared in the crossfire after offering their commentary on the matter. The unlikely feud between Dl Hughley and Kanye West included a war of words on and off social media. However, it escalated beyond words when it was revealed that Ye shared the legendary comedian’s home address on social media. Hughley interviewed with Vlad TV recently, where he shared his thoughts on the rapper stalking Kim Kardashian. “I don’t think it’s funny,” he said. However, a recent action from Pete Davidson getting Kanye’s children tattoed on his body made DL Hughley state that the comedian has gone too far.  

TMZ cameras caught up with Hughley. He mentioned that while Davidson has the right to do anything with his body, “Those are Kanye’s kids, and that would piss ME off,” he said. Listen to his sentiments below.

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