DJ Envy’s Wife Gia Casey Says She Gets Turned On When DJ Envy & Charlamagne Tha God Flirt On The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is one of the most successful radio shows in the US. DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee are three straight-shooters who have turned their charisma and chemistry into radio gold. Envy and Charlamagne, in particular, are well-known for their infectious dynamic. Some even feel like the men might be more fond of each other than they let on, a joke they’ve played into over the years with their flirting. Envy’s wife was recently a guest on the show, and she opened up about her thoughts on their flirtatious back and forths over the years.

The men are not shy about their love for each other, something Charlamange commemorated back in 2020 with a one-of-a-kind gift. Following their holiday hiatus, Charlamagne came back into the station with a special offering to his work bestie, who he felt might have missed him a lot while they were apart. “It’s no secret that Envy flirts with me constantly on this radio,” Charlamagne said while grinning. “He constantly flirts with me. I tried to get to this to him before the holidays ’cause I know he missed me over the past few weeks.” The gift? A mold of Charlamagne’s backside The hilariously awkward moment was caught on camera as the whole staff gathered around in shock and confusion. Charlamagne said that DJ Envy frequently calls him thickums, so he figured he’d appreciate the bootiful gift of his bum.

Both Charlamagne and Envy are married, so one can only wonder how their wives feel about their hilarious flirting. Envy’s wife, Gia Casey, recently stopped by The Breakfast Club to promote the book they wrote together. Angela Yee could not wait to pick her brain and dived right in, asking if she was aware of the flirting and how it made her feel. She paused briefly and let out a pensive “ummmm” before saying, “it kind of turns me on.” After the group let out a collective laugh, she admitted she was joking and that she actually found it strange but amusing. Yee added that the boys rub up on each other frequently as well. “It’s brotherly love,” declared Charlamagne.

This conversation follows another one from 2020, where the guys questioned if their flirting was disrespectful to their spouses. They asked fans to call in with their opinions. “Yes, it’s disrespectful to your wives and yourselves. Ya’ll not bisexual so you shouldn’t be flirting with each other,” said the first caller. She admitted that she had been cheated on by a man who was in the closet and did not find it amusing when men who say they are straight flirt with one another. “I don’t be flirting with him, he flirt with me,” said Envy. Another caller said, “it is so disrespectful that you don’t accept the love this man is showing to you!” The guys shared a laugh with him as he continued to double down saying the men’s women should just accept the dynamic. A third caller says that Charlamagne is the one who frequently draws attention to Envy’s butt and that he frequently diverts conversations to their “relationship.”

Do you think the guys are in the joke and do it intentionally for ratings?

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