Diddy’s Former Body Guard, Gene Deal Goes Viral With Story Of Diddy and Ja Rule On Tour

Sean “Diddy” Combs has been at the center of rumors surrounding his intimate life for years. The larger-than-life music mogul has always done things big, and some believe that his intimate life was no different. In addition to all the beautiful women he had at his beck and call, Puff seemed to also enjoy the company of men and adult toys. His former bodyguard has been opening up about the things he saw while working with him.

Gene Deal worked with Bad Boy Entertainment for several years, during which time he got very acquainted with Diddy and his private life. Deal says that Puff had some very wild things going on behind closed doors, including being alone with several men and toys. During an interview with the Art of Dialog, he recalls going to Atlanta with Diddy and entering his first adult bookstore. While there, Gene says that Diddy went around the story grabbing a wide assortment of items and putting them in a brown bag.

Gene Deal noted that Diddy grabbed several ‘plugs’ from a shelf. Unfamiliar with the term, Gene clowned Diddy, who asked him to let him shop alone in peace. When he finished his shopping, Diddy just went to the register and gave them a large wad of cash, never actually revealing the contents of his bag. They left from there to North Carolina to perform with another rapper and while there, Diddy, the rapper and a woman named Sara all were in a hotel room. He revealed that the rapper was Ja Rule.

While guarding the door, Gene says that Ja Rule’s cousin came by and was asking to see him. Gene had been given strict rules to guard the door and did not let the cousin in. The cousin got pushy and Gene says he had to threaten him as the man tried to rush him. When Ja Rule and Puff heard the commotion, they ran out of the room to see what was happening. Ja said, “what is going on? That’s my cousin!” When he explained to the men he had to slam him down to keep him from entering, Ja Rule joked, “you ain’t want to go in that room; there was a lot of freaky [stuff] going on!”

Gene previously told the story but omitted Ja Rule’s name in the past. It is unclear why he is comfortable revealing the name now, but he does not regret his choice to keep the cousin from coming in. Gene says he’s not sure what Ja Rule and Diddy were doing, but he said they were probably making use of the plugs.

While Diddy has been in the news with several different women lately, there have been rumors about him dating men for years now. Cassie’s new husband, Alex Fine, alluded to Diddy being gay over the summer when he shared a pride post with the caption, “Happy Pride! Attached is a charity that helps people who are in the closet and GOTTA MOVE ON. Along with other resources.”

“Gotta Move On” was the record Diddy released earlier this year about losing a lover. He recently welcomed a baby with a woman named Dana Trans and seems to have been dumped by Yung Miami.

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