Diddy Former Bodyguard Claims He Accused Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith Of Plotting To Steal J. Lo From Him

Are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith responsible for trying to start a past entanglement? The couple just went through a whole debacle with August Alsina, specifically with Jada Pinkett Smith. It would appear that everything the couple gets into in their romantic lives breaks the media. Now according to the ever-vocal storytelling Gene Deal, Will Smith was trying to separate Puff Daddy from his old flame, Jennifer Lopez.

The year was 1999. Many people were perhaps partying like Prince said to do that year. It was when Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs released his platinum-selling album Forever. That same year, actress Jennifer Lopez expanded her career and added singer. On The 6 dropped in 1999, which included the Big Pun and Fat Joe assisted-single “Feelin’ So Good,” produced by Diddy.

What shocked many in the general public was the fact that Jennifer Lopez and Sean Combs were romantically involved, beginning that year. There was nary a red carpet or party that one attended where you wouldn’t see the other. At the same time, the couple was involved in their share of drama, from being arrested together after a club incident to all of the infidelity. Finally, in 2001, the couple called it quits.

But besides the drama that the general public knows about, there were some other behind-the-scenes issues brewing. For example, Gene Deal, who once served as a bodyguard to Diddy, has been telling many alleged stories recently about his glory days working with the Bad Boy CEO. Following this trend, Deal appeared on The Art Of Dialogue to give details of Puff and JLo’s dealings with Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Gene Deal sets the scene, telling the story of a birthday celebration for actor Ben Affleck thrown by his best friend and fellow actor, Matt Damon. The former bodyguard explains that he accompanied Jennifer Lopez and Diddy to the birthday party one Sunday. Gene Deal encounters Will Smith’s sister and colorfully details their Michael Jackson-inspired get-up upon entering the soiree. 

Deal shared that everything seemed to be going swimmingly at the party for about an hour. That was until Puff Daddy approached him and asked him to accompany him to the restroom. Once they get to the bathroom, Gene Deal asks his boss what the issue is. It was then that the “Bad Boys For Life” rapper expressed his belief that the “Independence Day” actor and his wife were trying to “pull” Jennifer Lopez.

Gene Deal added that Puff requested he stay close to his vicinity when they left the restroom, as he had plans to get physical with Will Smith if he persisted. However, Gene Deal laughed while recalling the story because it is his belief that had an altercation ensued, Will Smith would “beat the [expletive] out of Puff Daddy.”

So, Gene Deal shares that due to the closeness of their relationship, he told Puff Daddy that very same sentiment. Deal also shared that he would let Will Smith get a few in just to “see what he got first.” Puff argued against that decision and insisted that he was going to “snuff” the actor if he continued in his actions.  

Interestingly enough, Gene Deal notes that neither Will Smith nor Jada Pinkett Smith was the threat that night. Instead, Jennifer Lopez entered a romantic relationship following their failed relationship and briefly married her former backup dancer, Cris Judd. After that, the Marry Me actress began dating Ben Affleck who was also in attendance at the party.  

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s relationship seemed to change things in the relationship goals department. They were the first celebrity couple to have their names meshed together in order to refer to them as a pair. Thus, the amalgamation “Bennifer” was born. But after roughly two years of a heavy, media-filled romance, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck split in 2004. The Grammy-nominated actress went on to marry Marc Anthony and had a set of twins with her then-husband. Ben Affleck also went on to marry Jennnifer Garner from 2005 to 2018.

But after almost 20 years of being a part, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck rekindled their romance. In celebration of her 52 birthday last July, Lopez posted a few pictures to her Instagram, with one of them showing her embraced in a steamy kiss with Affleck. While it’s uncertain if Jennifer and Ben crossed paths at the party, it’s clear Will and Jada were not the threat Diddy preceived them to be.

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