Diddy Doesn’t Want His Daughters To Grow Up and Fall In Love With Someone Like Him

Sean Diddy Combs’s legacy is a mix of things. Brilliant hip-hop mogul, gifted performer, in-demand playboy, and father of seven. While many of his worlds play nicely together, having a history of not being the best boyfriend and raising four daughters can sometimes be at odds with one another. During an interview, he acknowledged this and said he had some requirements for any men trying to court his girls and hoped they do not fall for a man like him.

Diddy has been surrounded by beautiful women since early on in his career. While helping make stars out of Faith Evans, Mary J Blige, and Lil Kim, he was also dating the likes of Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Lopez, and Cassie. Diddy would eventually start a family with model Kim Porter, and together they have four kids. Their last two children were twins Jesse James Combs and D’Lila Star Combs. Diddy already had a reputation for infidelity, and his girls arrived with a third sister named Chance Combs, who he’d fathered with another woman.

Diddy did right by his family and owned up to his cheating, allowing the three girls to be raised together. Now all 16 years old, they welcome a baby sister named Love Sean Combs, who Diddy shares with Dana Tran. Love comes at the end of a pretty busy dating year for Puff, who revealed his open relationship with Yung Miami over the summer while being spotted with several other women.

Yung Miami’s response to the new baby has been mixed, with it appearing to have blindsided her while she maintains that she does not care. Diddy has continued to confuse the public, popping up with models everywhere but claiming to be upset at some flirting going on between Miami and G Herbo on her talk show Caresha Please.

During an episode of the Breakfast Club, Diddy acknowledged that his dating style in unorthodox and he would not want his daughters to have to deal with a man like him. He understands that right now, he wants to be single and have different experiences; he does not want his girls pursuing a guy with his type of reputation.

Diddy says he plans to school his girls and has been grooming them to understand “all the tricks of the trade.” He says, “if you give it away, it ain’t worth as much. Ya’ll gotta wait and take ya’ll time. Treat yourself like Queens. And don’t do nothing without coming to talk to me.”

Diddy has openly asked them to not follow him and claims he is a “unique individual.” “The uncut truth of what it is, you may fall in love with someone like your dad who is honest with you.” When asked about them bringing home someone older, he said he does not mind as long as the man truly loves his daughters.

“IM 52, and I feel better than I ever felt, so I don’t think it’s a age thing.” Diddy says he’s flyer than most young boys and “timeless,” so he does not mind dating younger women.

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