Did Nick Cannon Get Vasectomy Consultation After News Of Another Child? 3rd Baby Mama Announces She’s Expecting

Nick Cannon Has Had Five Kids In 24 months. 

Nick Cannon’s mission to populate the earth has been in full effect in recent years. After becoming a father for the first time with Mariah Carey back in April 2011 with twins Monroe and Moroccan Cannon, he would not have another child till 2017 when he welcomed Golden Cannon with Brittany Bell. By 2020 he and Brittany were on to baby #2 together, Power Queen Cannon. Her name is ironic looking back because her birth kicked off a power few months for Cannon, where he would welcome four additional kids within the next 24 months. Twins Zillion Heir Cannon & Zion Mixolydian Cannon would come in June of 2021 to mother Abby De La Rosa. That same month he would welcome their brother Zen Cannon with his mother, Alyssa Scott. By the end of the year, the news would surface of an 8th child with Bre Tiesi. 

Nick Cannon Vasectomy Consultation

All the new life and joy brought with it some real obstacles for Cannon, and he started to realize the reality of his large family. Around the time that Zillion, Zion, and Zen were born, Nick found out that Bri was pregnant. He was also gearing up for the debut of his talk show, a new season of Wild N Out and The Masked Singer. To cap it all off, he also found out that baby Zen was dealing with some life-threatening birth defects, which brought a lot into perspective. Unfortunately Zen would pass in December 2021.

During an interview with The Breakfast Club last summer, Nick admitted to considering taking a vow of celibacy for the coming months, although at the time he played it off as a fun idea and did not divulge what was going on behind the scenes. Later that year, when Angela Yee guested on his talk show, he confessed that he was worried about the rate at which his family was growing and how out of control everything was becoming. 

Coming into the new year, Nick took his approach a step further and admitted he was probably ready to close the baby-making factory completely. “I already went and got my vasectomy consultation,” he told People Magazine. “I ain’t looking to populate the Earth completely, but I’m definitely looking forward to taking care and loving all the children that I currently have.”

Nick Cannon Didn’t Plan To Be ‘Father Abraham’

Despite approaching several interviews last year with the utmost confidence in his choices, Nick has opened up in recent months about how unprepared he was for such a large family.  Nick has said his reasoning was initially rooted in his lupus diagnosis and desire to live life to the fullest. He also said he did not agree with America’s idea of love and marriage and instead wanted to live his life more like the men in Africa, who are allowed to take on several wives and families. Nick has even referenced the bible and how men in ancient times build families. 

The bible analogy backfired as he revealed in an interview last year that he did not set out to be “Father Abraham” either. Nick now admits that the women he’s chosen to have his kids all require a level of attention and commitment he was not prepared for. Furthermore, he revealed that they are not sister wives, nor is he in any kind of exclusive relationship with any of them, so the dynamics can often be very complicated as he is still intimate with several of his baby mommas.

Abby De La Rosa Announces She’s Expecting Another Baby. Maybe Twins?

Abby De La Rosa is not shy about who her baby daddy is and even drives a car branded with his logo. She recently jokes about calling him after thinking one of his “side chicks” keyed the vehicle outside the supermarket.

So when she took to social media a moment ago to announce that she is expecting again and could possibly be carrying twins, many looked immediately to Nick Cannon as the father. Obviously, Abby wants to cash in on this curiosity and declared she will be answering everyone’s burning questions…behind a paywall, of course.” I’M PREGNANT 🥰Another set of twins?! Follow me on ONLY FANS to find out more. I’ll be posting all the exclusive content and answering the questions you’ll are dying to know!” 

While some fans are still scratching their heads and waiting for official confirmation, others already seem to believe that this is the work of Nick Cannon. “Your Truly Ncredible Abby! I am beyond excited for you both, You we’re made for these special gifts.” Another said, “Damn Nick again?” 

Do you think Nick and Abby are expecting more kids? If she is expecting twins this will be 9 and 10 for Nick Cannon.

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