Did Mo’Nique Go Too Far Bringing DL Hughley’s Wife, Late Father, And A Terrible Experience HIs Daughter Experienced At 13 In Their Beef?

Mo’Nique was just getting her name cleared following years of blacklisting when she decided to go on the offense following some confusion over a recent comedy show with DL Hughley. The contract disputes have turned into full-out attacks on Hughley’s character and his family. Mo’Nique seems to feel justified in her approach to “roasting” him, but is the comedian going too far? 

DL’s Wife Hasn’t Responded To Monique.

DL Hughley and his Wife have a complex history. He’s been very open in the past about how many things he has put her through and how she still maintains their union and keeps their family together. LaDonna Hughley has been with DL for close to 30 years. Around 2012, Hughley began having an affair that resulted in a child. The baby would pass shortly after being born, something DL has considered “a blessing.” 

DL’s Wife stood by him throughout all the craziness, and Mo’Nique used that as fuel during one of her many, many rants against her fellow comic. According to Mo’Nique, DL’s Wife’s silence equals her complacency and enables her husband to silence other black women. “What do the BLACK WOMEN & his (DL’s) BLACK WIFE have coming. Watch who stands with this man & your looking at the same ones who will sit down, when you our sisters are being attacked.”

Despite this obvious attempt to rile up his family, LaDonna has not responded to Mo’Nique or her jabs. 

DL Hughley’s Father Passed Away In 2018

Mo’Nique also questioned DL’s mental health after bringing up that he has an emotional support dog. Mo’Nique believes that this should be a sign of his capacity to deal with this situation properly. DL fired back and informed Mo’Nique that the dog was a gift to him following the passing of his father, and that he does not need it to protect him from others.

Charles Ronald Hughley passed in 2018 and DL was very public about his grief. He posted about being at his father’s side when he took his final breath. “He was there and held me when I took my first breath. I was there and held him when he took his last! I’ve never known a stronger man!” As a way to help him cope, his family purchased a dog that was born in the same town as his father. They captured the emotional video of the day he met the dog while in the studio working. 

DL Hughley’s Daughter Cried After Hearing Mo’Nique Resurface What She Experienced At 13

In his response, DL Hughley took to his radio show to let Mo’Nique know that she cannot weaponize his daughters experience against him. According to DL, his daughter had been crying the entire weekend and requested that he make a statement publicly to Mo to let her know how her post affected her and how wrong she was about what happened to her.

“It’s a situation she had nothing to do with,” DL says about Mo’Nique connecting his daughter to their disagreement. DL then explained that his daughter was not abused by an adult, and instead it was an unfortunately situation between two 13 year olds that had grown up together. He was not made aware till years later and at the time dismissed it at “what kids do.” While DL admits his shortcomings, he does not believe Mo’Nique has the right to bring up trauma in a dispute over a comedy show contract. DL admits that he has done a handful of other horrible things that Mo’Nique could have exploited and that she is in the wrong for focusing in on his family. Fans agreed, and under Mo’Nique’s most recent posts they have expressed their exhaustion with her war against DL and their desire for her to just stop.

“This is exhausting…. All over a comedy show smfh,” said one. Another said, “You’re super corny for this, all that ‘I love us for real and my sweet baby’ is just passive aggressive behavior.” Others saw her response as an opportunity for more publicity and said, “Opportunist. You get no airtime.” Is Mo’Nique taking this all too far?

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