Deyjah Harris Opens Up On Her Process Of Releasing Anger When Feeling Sad and Numb

Deyjah Harris is becoming more candid with her struggles. Although the daughter of rapper T.I. and recording artist Ms. Niko has opened up about her sufferings in the past, recent developments show that the battle is far from over. A recent post aimed to clarify why she inflicts self-harm has many fans concerned for her health and safety, but according to the once reality star she does not need help.

Deyjah Harris first began to go public with her struggles in 2020. Fans soon became aware of her mental battle on the third season of VH1’s T.I. and Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle. During the trailer for that season, it was revealed that there would be a bit of focus surrounding her journey. Then she became more transparent with the public by speaking in a Youtube video. Deyjah Harris revealed that she had an ongoing battle with depression and anxiety and that it had been unrelenting. In addition, she opened up about the bullying she started to receive in the sixth grade. The reality star also spoke about its effects on her self-esteem.

Due to this, Deyjah Harris revealed that “without the proper knowledge and support,” she resorted to “self-inflicted coping mechanisms.” However, Harris admits that they were detrimental to her health and growth. In addition, she revealed that she often has thoughts of “not wanting to be here anymore.” And just as it may feel that there are moments where things appear to be getting better, Deyjah Harris shared that it only comes back “10 times harder.”

Then in March of this year, the Tiny & T.I. Family Hustle star shared a lengthy message to her followers for “self-injury/self-harm awareness day.” The reality star revealed she “doesn’t need” anyone to tell her that she shouldn’t inflict harm on herself. “That will change nothing,” she said. Instead, Harris encouraged those who may be experiencing the same harmful actions that she is and expressed they should “live in their truth.” Recently, a fan asked an anonymous question on Deyjah Harris’s Instagram Stories that caught her attention. The user clarified they weren’t “trying to be rude” but asked what the “purpose was for the cuts on her arm.”  

Deyjah Harris offered a lengthy response and shared that the harmful practice began occurring in her life around the age of 11. She states that up until the age of 15, she was harming herself due to feeling “sad and numb in a way.” But that the passing of her Aunt Precious when she was around 17 caused it to become exacerbated.  

“I do it because I have a lot of anger to release, basically lol,” said Deyjah Harris. However, she insisted that she didn’t need help and said she was reluctant to speak on it for that reason. “The short answer will be because it’s a way for me to release anger or sometimes I’m numb so I do it just to feel SOMETHING,” stressed Harris. We send up continued prayers for her healing and that she may find better ways to cope.

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